Star Trek

Mind Control: Programming and Conditioning, Part 4

In this part we will continue our journey through the history of mind control through the 60’s, which were heavily influenced by the Marxist pop culture with fake liberation movements and drugs, that really started to shape and lay the foundation for our current culture.In the last part we closed with Henry Luce, the founder of Time Magazine, using his new Life Magazine to promote magic mushrooms in 1957, paving the road into the …

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Today’s reality-check

“Star Trek” actor William Shatner, at age 90, will travel into “space” today on a Blue Origin flight alongside three others.If you think this is real, you’re either brainwashed and gullible, or not that very smart. 90-years-old in a frikkin’ rocket that will accelerate many times faster than any fighter jet. Sure! Yes, this post will ruffle some feathers, and it is meant to do just that. To get you to think and question …

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