233 Tropical Storm Henri is now Hurricane Henri

Yesterday, I wrote a quick post on Tropical Storm Henri which is ‘233’ in English Ordinal, and today August 21 is the 233rd day of the year. And yes, Henri is now classified as a hurricane and is moving toward the Northeast Coast of the US.

August 21, 2021 = 8/21/2021 = 8+2+1+20+21 = 52
Hurricane: 52 (Full Red)
Northeast Coast: 52 (Full Red)

Very scripted. The Tropical Storm Henri, the original name, was coded to August 21. And August 21 also has the numerology of ‘Hurricane’, what it turned into, and of ‘Northeast Coast’, where it is heading. Can not be more obvious than this!

And the story says “42 million under storm alerts…”

Forty-Two: 74
Storm Alerts: 74
Hurricane: 74 (Reverse Full Red EP)

42 million: 45
Henri: 45 (Reverse Full Red EP)
Climate: 45
IHS: 45 (Jesuit sigil)

Forty-two Million: 82
Flooding: 82 (expect flooding, it’s also in tomorrow’s numerology)

And 42 million as in the number ‘42’…
Storm Alert: 42 (Full Red)
Jesuit: 42
Freemason: 42

Yesterday’s post is here: Tropical Storm Henri turns into a Hurricane, by the number 233

And my previous post from yesterday’s morning about “August 21 and 233…”:
The circulating number ‘233’, our current year 2021 and August 21

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