The circulating number ‘233’, our current year 2021 and August 21

About a week back or so, some people noticed that they did another wave of fake corona cases on the media all over the world. Remember when they started the fake pandemic in March 2020, and hundreds of cities across the world reported “33” cases? You know, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry ‘33’. It could not be more obvious fake if they tried. Now the same thing happened but with ‘233’ cases in at least 17 different stories (of what we could find).
Let me tell you, the chance that two or possibly three cities report the exact same number of cases is abysmal. 10 or more? 17? Give me a break! And this has been happening a lot during this whole staged plandemic – same number re-used in different reports and stories.
However, that could very well mean that these repeating numbers have some significance, that they are important in their numerology, Gematria, and rituals.

Several people, including the good guys at The Open Scroll, have noticed and talked about this, but they are not sure what ‘233′ means. Well, I do not have time to research it, but I will speculate a little in this short post with what first comes to mind. Take from it what you will.

So, at a quick glance, 233 can be viewed as “2 x 33”, i.e., ‘66’. The shorthand gematria code for Number of the Beast.
That would make sense since you have both a ‘33’ and a ‘66’ in that numerical code, and they are pushing hard for vaccine identification now, as seen in New York. And any type of evil identification you’ll be forced to wear is a Mark of the Beast.

You can also view 233 as “2 x 3 : 3”, that is six repeated three times, or “666”, the real biblical number reference to the Number of the Beast.

And, you can view it as “2 + 3 + 3” = 8, the number/symbol for a New Beginning – the point of the beginning of creation and eternity.

If we go into date numerology, tomorrow, August 21st is the 233rd day of the year and the 6th day of week number ‘33’.
It is also the 133rd reverse day of the year when including the starting date of December 31.

As you can see August 21 has very strong numerology for the occult. It’s the sixth day, as in 666. And ‘6’ represent the imperfection, the sin, the evil. It also has a relation to Saturn and the Cube. August 21st is also at the end of week ‘33’ (Freemasons again), and it’s the 133rd day counting backwards, that is another ‘33’.

August 21, or 21/8, looks like a perfect day for something big to happen. Or several things, which of the most important will be hidden by other stories.

But for the fun of it, let’s see what might be in store…

233 is also ‘Gematria’ in the Jewish cipher, telling us that this is coded. Very fitting, as the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is tightly knit to the Jews.
233 in the English Ciphers are rare, as it’s a high number. Among what has been happening the last year, the only keywords matching up are:

Covid Nineteen: 233 (Reverse Ordinal)
Cyber Pandemic: 233 (Reverse Ordinal)

233 is the 51st Prime Number and the 13th Fibonacci Number.
We have seen 51 in keywords such as:
Dark Winter: 51
Mass Shooting: 51
Wildfires: 51
Vaccine Deaths: 51

While 13 is very rare:
CIA: 13
DEW: 13 (Direct Energy Weapon)
However, 13 in the occult means the number that cleans and purifies. 13 brings the test, the suffering and death. In Kabballah, 13 is the snake, the dragon, Satan the murderer. This reflects back on 6, 66, and 666 as decoded earlier.

And for August 21, 21/8, as in 218:
Corona Covid-19 Virus: 218
Cyber Hacking: 218
The Second Purge: 218

We see multiple references to the fake pandemic and to World Economic Forum’s Cyber Pandemic threat. As their Cyber Polygon Simulation was run in July, they might be planning something big.

This is year 2021, or 5781 in Hebrew, or as we say, shortened, 21 and 81 – and we get another reference to 218, as in 21/8. Or add them together as 2+1+8+1 and you get 12, the reflection of 21.

And speaking of 2021. The doomsday clock started in 1947. 47 is the number of degrees on the Freemason compass, and a reflection of GOD’s number 74. So, if we take 1947 and add it’s reflection, the number of God, we get a doomsday clock of 1947 + 74 = 2021. Just a little tidbit, if you ever wondered why the world is so f**ked up with fake pandemics, killer jabs now targeting children, vaccine cards, division, pedophiles, and a scripted “reality”.

One thing is for sure, it will get worse before it gets better. Hold on, stand your ground and protect your family and friends.

If you want a laugh at the fake pandemic.
233 cases… yup, right…

Or all the magical ’33’ cases…⁠

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