Uvalde “Leaked” School Shooting Footage is 82-Minutes – The Importance of Number 82

Those of us who can see have already broken down and decoded the staged and fake alleged shooting at the Uvalde Robb Elementary School, including the first “leaked” footage from the surveillance cameras. Footage that blatantly showed how scripted and laughable bad the staged operation was.

For the shooting drill, staged on the Jesuit 144th day of the year, see this post:

The Staged Shooting in Texas Elementary School on the 144th Day of The Year – Updated!

The McConaughey ‘Green Converse’ ritual:

Matthew McConaughey, Puppet of the Illuminati, speaks of ‘Green Converse’ from Uvalde Shooting – Updated

The “leaked” edited video footage:

Austin Newspaper Release Edited Video from Staged Uvalde School Shooting

Now, as for the media ‘revealing’ that the “leaked” footage is 82-minutes long, let’s look at the importance of that specific number. When written out using letters, the word ‘eight-two’ equals the value of ‘666’ in Reverse English Sumerian.

Eighty-Two = 666

The Number of the Beast. This is huge for their rituals, and it ties in with their ongoing antichrist play with Barack Obama, aka., ‘The Beast,’ as his full name ‘Barack Hussein Obama II’ equals ‘82’ in Full Reduction gematria.

Barack Hussein Obama II = 82
Thank You Satan = 82 (Obama’s “yes, we can” backwards, as in backmasking)

82 also ties back to other big hoaxes, including the staged coronavirus pandemic – one of the biggest frauds they pulled off since the germ theory of modern medicine. And with that criminal deceit came the deadly vaccines.

Coronavirus Disease = 82
Coronavirus Covid = 82
Obligatory Vaccine = 82
Vaccination Passports = 82 (conditioning for Digital ID’s)
Covid = 82
Seattle = 82 (tied to Bill Gates and the first “covid case” in the US)
Short Illness = 82 (their code word for vaccine deaths)
Germ Theory = 82

Also, remember that the first “Covid Pill” authorized by FDA had the number ‘82’ printed on them, as I decoded here.

82 is also tied to the Freemasons, as their motto ‘Ordo ab Chao – Order out of Chaos’ sums to 82. A motto which is actually a strategy they have used for centuries. Create chaos and then present a solution which give you the result you wanted all along.

Ordo ab Chao = 82
Order 322 = 82 (Skull and Bones Freemasonry)

And 82 also ties back to the ancient worship of the sun, as portrayed in the Jesuit’s logotype of a Sun with the inscription of ‘IHS.’

Sun God = 82

Also, 8+2 = 10. ‘God’ is 10 in Reverse Reduction and ‘Satan’ is 10 in Full Reduction. A very strong number.

And speaking of these secret societies that run our world, they recently had a ritual where they destroyed their own Georgia Guidestones since their time was up.

The Georgia Guidestones, aka., ‘America’s Stonehenge,’ was erected on March 22, 1980, which was the 82nd day of the year. Note that March 22 is written as 3/22, like the Freemasonic Order 322, Skull and Bones.

America’s Stonehenge = 82

Then we had another false flag and totally fake shooting at Field’s shopping center in Copenhagen, Denmark. Note that ‘Field’s’ is 28 in reduction, like ‘82’ in reverse. And ‘Field’s Shopping Center,’ as well as ‘Fields’ is also ‘107,’ the 28th prime number, like ‘82’ in reverse.
Also, the month before this staged shooting, Barack Obama held a speech in Copenhagen about the fake war in Ukraine.

Copenhagen, Denmark = 82

And, finally, using 82 for the alleged 82-minute footage of the staged and fake Uvalde shooting is very fitting. Most of the video is footage from a hallway, where allegedly 19 children were killed while the police stood down. Note that ‘hallway’ sums to 82 and reduces perfectly to its reverse number of 28. Note that mirrored numbers are treated as the same within occult numerology.

Hallway = 82
Elementary School = 82

There are countless of other examples where they use the number 82. This however should suffice to show you the importance of it, and the connection to Obama and their love of Satan.

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