Novak Djokovic, “Mr. 53,” Released on a Day With 53-Numerology. The Theatre Continues!

Please read my first article about this joke of a ritual here. It will make it easier to see how scripted this farce is.

NoVAK’s had ‘no VAXX’ and is allegedly fighting ‘Deportation’

Novak Djokovic, aka. “Mr. 53,” was released from Australian immigration detention on Monday (Jan 10), a day with 53- and 33-numerology. You just can’t make all this shit up! It’s hilarious! And there’s still diet-woke people and of course shills and controlled opposition that is calling him a hero! He’s a puppet doing his master’s bidding! Wake up!

January 10, 2022 = 1/10/2022 = (1) + (10) + (20) + (22) = 53

Novak Djokovic = 53

And what is it all about? Yes, imaginary non-existent Covid! And what is his mission? Yes, to deceive.

Covid = 53
Deceive = 53

What is the news? He’s being released on January 10.
January 10, 2022 = 1/10/22 = (1) + (10) + (22) = 33

Released = 33

Novak was born on May 22. From his birthday to the day of his ‘release’ is a span of 33 weeks.

And from this day of his ‘release’ until his upcoming birthday is a span of 19 weeks. And this is all scripted on the theme of covid-19, as in ’19.’

And he does not even hide it. He calls himself “djokernole” on his Instagram, as in d-joker-nole, the joker nole. And yes, Nole is his nickname, as is in Noel, as in Christmas. As I wrote in my first post. Novak = No-Vak = No-Vacc (ination).

All a joke for them to be played on the dumbed down masses.

And again…

djokernole = 53, as in today’s numerology.

But it gets even better!

djokernole = 322 & 33

Order 322, aka Skull and Bones out of Yales. The headquarter for freemasonry in Northern U.S. And 33 is the highest rank in Scottish Freemasonry and the most important number in Freemasonry. And again, today is a day with 33-numerology and the day he gets ‘released,’ which is also 33 in gematria!
Quite a telling username he picked there!

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