Biden Tests Positive for Non-Existent CONvid-19 Again – Will He be the 9th to Die in Office, and will Harris be #47 on August 11?

This ongoing Biden Covid-19 farce could be seen as the ultimate mockery of your intelligence, simply shouting in your face that viruses does not exist, that Covid-19 is fake. It should be obvious at this day, even for those lacking in the thinking department, that the Coronavirus pandemic was staged and totally fake. Heck, you actually need to be a bit slow and challenged if you still believe in the germ theory and the virus lie considering all the ridiculous stories the media has thrown in your face like it was dung. With all that has been going on, and with the internet at your fingertips, a few minutes of research should have you questioning everything.

And here we are again, another mocking ritual tied to Skull and Bones Freemasonry, in a story that is so ridiculous that people should react in disgust and question the narrative the exact same time as their eyes are reached by the headlines. However, there might be a bit more to this riddle. This ongoing farce with Biden testing positive, being isolated, then testing negative, just to test positive again a few days later, might just be predictive programming – a way to insert the idea that he is fragile and sickly, and then no one will question it when they retire him by faking his death and blaming it on this dangerous non-existent boogeyman virus.
Let’s do quick breakdown and you can decide for yourself.

Biden tested positive and was isolated for a few days starting July 21. He now tested positive again on July 30, that is 9 days after the first test.
So far in history, 8 U.S. presidents have died while in office. If Joe Biden dies, he will be the 9th.
While Biden is the 46th president, he is only the 45th person to be the president of the U.S., as Grover Cleveland served twice with Benjamin Harrison in between. 45 is the 9th triangular number.

This brings us to the fact that there have only been four instances of a total of three vice presidents serving as acting presidents. And keep in mind that this Covid-19 mockery is tied to Skull and Bones, of which the Bush family are prominent members. George H. W. Bush stepped in as acting president for Ronald Reagan in 1985 while Reagan had his colon cancer surgery. And in both 2002 and 2007, Dick Cheney stepped in as acting president while the second Bush, George W. Bush, had two colonoscopies. And of course, Kamala Harris, the current vice president, stepped in as acting president on November 19, 2021, when Joe Biden had colonoscopy. Do you see the bizarre pattern here of the fixation with the rear end? Colon surgery and colonoscopy. Pure mockery, and very freemasonic. And of course, Kamala Harris is in that ‘exclusive’ club of acting presidents.

This story of Biden testing positive again came on the 30th of July, like 30/7, or 307. 307 is the 63rd prime number and John F. Kennedy was killed in ’63. Also, JFK died at the age of 46 and Biden is president #46.

July 30 also comes with a 59-date numerology, which ties in to the facts above, as JFK died 59-years ago and Joe Biden is the ‘winner’ of the 59th US Presidential Election.
7/30/22 = 7 + 30 + 22 = 59

John F. Kennedy = 59
Pope Francis = 59 (the first Jesuit Pope, the puppet masters)
Dying = 59 (is that what they are telling us?)
The White House = 59
Freemasonry = 59 (it’s a Skull and Bones Ritual)
Fully Vaccinated = 59 (what they claim Biden is)

July 30 also came with a 79-date numerology. And Joe Biden is currently 79-years-old. July 30 was also 79-weeks after Biden took office on January 20, 2021.

Also, the headlines and the “doctor” calls this a ‘rebound,’ which sums to 79 in simple English gematria.
7/30/2022 = 7 + 30 + 20+ 22 = 79

Rebound = 79
Murder = 79 (another hint?)
Novel Coronavirus = 79 (the murder weapon?)
Society of Jesus = 79 (aka., The Jesuit Order, the order writing the script)

I have decoded Kamala Harris in older articles and the possibility that she will become the 47th president if they retire Biden (as in declaring him dead.) And if they do, it will be all done by the numbers. Another prediction from this July 30 ritual is that it was done on the 211th day of the year, just as ‘Kamala Harris’ sums to 112, or 211 backwards, and 211 is the 47th prime number, hinting at a 47th president. And if that comes through, a possible day that matches the numbers would be the 222nd day of the year, or August 11. 222 is a very special number as seen in many rituals with Barack Obama posing as the antichrist, and the year 2022 can be written as 222 as you can drop the zero in numerology.
Also, remember, Kamala was picked by Joe Biden on the 59th day of Trump’s age, for the 59th Presidential Election on August 11, 2020, a date with 59-numerology and only two days after Obama turned 59.

Kamala Harris = 112 (211 backwards, July 30 was the 211th day of the year)
Harris as President = 112 (211 backwards, July 30 was the 211th day of the year)

August 11 = 222nd day of the year 2022, which can be written as 222.

President Kamala Harris = 222
President Harris = 222
Order out of Chaos = 222 (Freemasonic motto)
As Above, So Below = 222 (their Satanic motto)

Also, the 11th of August can be written as 11/8, like 118.

Kamala Devi Harris = 118
President Kamala Devi Harris = 118
Harris as the President = 118

And speaking of Skull and Bones, or ‘Order 322,’ as they are also called and their calling card of ‘322,’ ‘333,’ and ’33’ – and why Kamala Harris will fit as president by the numbers…

Kamala Devi Harris as President = 322
Kamala Harris as the U.S. President = 333
Harris as the President of the U.S. = 330 = 33

Also, Tesla’s keys to the universe, as in 369, turns up…

Kamala Harris as the President of the U.S. = 369

And the very Jesuit number of 177 and 144

The Jesuit Order = 177
Kamala Devi Harris as President = 177 (same that gave us 322, as in Skull and Bones)

Jesuit Order = 144
Kamala Harris as the President of the U.S. = 144 (same that gave us Tesla’s keys to the universe, 3-6-9)
Harris as President of the U.S. = 144

And 153 as shared by the Jesuit Order and their Order of Illuminati, as shortened to ‘The Illuminati.’

The Illuminati = 153
Jesuit Order = 153
Kamala Harris as the U.S. President = 153 (same that gave us the Freemasonic 333)
Harris as President of the U.S. = 153 (also 144, as in Jesuit Order)
Harris as President of the United States = 153

And 187, the second number associated with Society of Jesus, aka., The Jesuit Order.

Society of Jesus = 187
Kamala Devi Harris as the President of United States = 187
Harris as the President = 187

Kamala Harris was born on October 20, so August 11 would be a span of 71-days before her birthday.

Kamala Devi Harris = 71
The Society of Jesus = 71
The Jesuits = 71

And she took office as Vice President on January 20, 2021. August 11 will be 203 days after the anniversary.

Harris as President = 203

Or a span of 204 days…

Harris as President of United States = 204

Well, at least something big might happen around August 11. There’s also the talk that former US President Gerald Ford gave in October 18, 1989, when he claimed that a woman would become president by first being elected vice president (like Kamala Harris) and then assuming the role of commander in chief upon the death of the president. Counting from this date, October 18, 2022, will be 33 years later, or June 6, 2023, will be 33 years and 33 weeks later. Those dates are important as well, especially the June 6, 2023, as that would be an impressive double Freemasonic 33.

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