Austin Newspaper Release Edited Video from Staged Uvalde School Shooting

Here we go again with more ritualistic crap from this staged and very fake shooting. The edited video shows the gunman entering the building at 11:33. Yes, 11 as in the first Freemasonic ‘Master Number,’ as in the most powerful number in numerology, and 33 as in the Master Teacher Number, and the highest rank of Scottish Rite Freemasonry; their calling-card number. It does not get any more obvious than this, folks!

As for this edited video, it’s 4:07 long according to CNN, as in 47, the Freemasonic 47 degrees on their compass/logo. And that is not all, the video starts with the alleged shooter crashing his truck near the school at exactly 11:28, like 1128, the 47th triangular number! Yes, you could not make this up any better if you tried. And as for the code of 47, it’s easy to see why they repeatedly use it.

Each leg of the Masonic compasses is kicked out at 23.5-degrees, forming a 47-degree angle between them.
The Freemasons’ logo has a ‘g’ in the middle, the 7th letter of the alphabet. 7 is the 4th prime number where the divisors of 4 sum to 7 – four and seven, like 47.
Freemason Manly P. Hall earned his top honors in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry 47-years after writing ‘The Secret Teachings of All Ages.’ In that book he exposes us to Ordinal and Reduction Gematria.
Building 7, on 9/11, was 47-floors tall, with each floor being 47,000 square feet.
Israel was recognized in ’47, with a 33-member vote in favor, on the 333rd day of the year.
CIA was established in ’47.
Barack Obama, the Antichrist, became president at age 47.
And on it goes… And in Gematria, their language, we have…

Uvalde School = 47
Government = 47 (they are behind all these staged events)
Authority = 47 (as in government)
Policeman = 47 (these false flags are carried out by Freemasonic Police)
Cop = 47
Firearm = 47 (part of the agenda)
Time = 47 (time and reality, what they want to control)
News = 47 (what they have controlled from the beginning)
Vatican = 47 (the seat on the Pope and the Jesuit Order)
Beast = 47 (aka., Satan or the Antichrist)
One = 47 (“1” is the foundation of numbers, as in numerology)

If you remember this story, they say that 19 children were killed while 19 policemen stood down and waited after allegedly being fired at.

Robb = 19
Chaos = 19

And this video was released by The Austin-American Statesman.

Austin-American Statesman = 361, the square root of 19!

The shooting happened on March 24th, exactly 1 month and 19 days before the release of the video when counting the end-date. Like 119 or 911 in reverse, like the hoax code of 9/11.

You can also say that the video was released 49-days after the shooting. 49 days is the same as 7 weeks as 49 is the square root of 7. 7 as in ‘g’, representing Freemasonry and being the seventh letter that is tied to 4, like 47, as we discussed in Freemasonry earlier. They are crafty bastards!

The video was released on July 12, the 193rd day of the year. 193 is the 44th prime number, which fits with the theme of this staged event where the police disengaged after experiencing gunfire…

Shooting = 44
Firearms = 44
Disengage = 44
Gunfire = 44
Video = 44

And, as I explained in yesterday’s decode of the fake pictures from the silly James Webb Space telescope, we are currently in the time of cancer, which is ruled by the moon, with a 19-year cycle.

Cancer = 44

And, if you read the article, or watch the video, you’ll notice that the Police is holding back from 11:37 to 12:21, which is a span of 44 minutes. So, they retreated at the 37th minute for a total of 44 minutes…

Shooting = 44, 37
Like, seriously? Can this be more coded than this?

The article also states that, “…What officers were doing in the 77 minutes after the shooting started had been largely unclear.”

77 is a classic number for these false flags, especially when questioning the police.

Police Department = 77
Police Officer = 77
Secret Society = 77
United States = 77
September Eleven = 77 (their previous master-hoax)

Austin is also a very Jesuit town.

Austin = 84, 21, 30, 294, 78, 42, 42, 504, 468, 20
Jesuit = 84, 21, 30, 294, 78, 42, 42, 504, 468, 20

And the shooting happened on the 144th day of the year.

Jesuit Order = 144

There is a lot more to this story, the extreme coding and its connections. However, this above should be plenty to show that it was all done by the numbers. All staged, all fake, as we already have proven in previous decodings.

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Now, the reason for releasing edited video footage from staged false flag events is of course to try to legitimize these shootings as real. It’s also about invoking feelings and manipulate the audience. In this case, that people reading and falling for these fake stories has someone to blame, as in the hesitant police, which will make it seem more real. And from a political standpoint, this gives ammunition for giving the police better equipment while restricting and ultimately banning guns for civilians. Everything they do is to further their agenda and to strip the people of their rights and ability to defend themselves once the shit hits the fan.

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