Sweden is Ramping Up the Hysteria of the Fake Covid-19 Once Again

Remember my article from July 7 titled “The Second Planned-Pandemic is Coming?” Well, if not you can read it here:

The Second Planned-Pandemic is Coming

It goes hand-in-hand with my earlier decode of the fall-guy and Jesuit puppet Joe Biden and his brilliant statement from June 21 that the second pandemic is coming.

Joe Biden Says Second Pandemic is Coming, Vaccination of Toddlers Begins, and Pseudo-Scientists Talks About Coronavirus ‘Subvariants’ That Escape “Antibodies”

For a couple of weeks, we have noticed signs here in Sweden that they are trying to give this fake pandemic a second run – and we all know why with the economy slowly breaking down. We’ve seen small breadcrumbs such as “health-care” workers starting using idiotic and hazardous facemasks again and the media lying about “infection rates” being on the rise. All complete bullshit of course. Unfortunately, there are still people under mass-hypnosis who believe in the virus lie, that viruses and contagious diseases exists. Something that is extremely ridiculous once you actually look into it and expose the pseudo-science and all the profitable lies.

However, on July 10 they took an extra step with the following statement, citing the evil World Hell Organization:

“…in Europe, there have been an increase of 15% (in Covid-19 cases) between June 27th and July 13th.”

Wow. They print statistics for July 13th on July 10th? So, do they have a crystal ball to see the future? Or, did they jump the gun since all numbers are fabricated and made up months earlier? The latter, of course as they get the script several days in advance.

Still, most people are too dumbed down to notice stuff like this. But with that said, be prepared for more virus nonsense. Be prepared to tell them NO and to fuck the hell off! Stand your ground! And again, the only way to get rid of this tyranny for good is if enough people wake-up and realize that viruses does not exist. That diseases are a scam! So, plant seeds of knowledge in your fellow man. Spread the word. Spread it relentlessly!

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