Joe Biden Says Second Pandemic is Coming, Vaccination of Toddlers Begins, and Pseudo-Scientists Talks About Coronavirus ‘Subvariants’ That Escape “Antibodies”

Do not think for one second that it’s over. The never-ending story of lies and deceit continues.

On the Summer Solstice, June 21, puppet Joe Biden said that they need funding to fight Covid-19 as a ‘second pandemic’ is coming. Well, thank you ‘Mr. Obvious.’ As long as the dumbed down sleeping masses believe in the virus lie, this act of terror, this act of war on the people, will continue.

At the same time as this story of Joe Biden and a Second Pandemic went viral on June 22, they started to vaccinate toddlers and children – for something that does not exist. Not only do they cause bodily harm, it’s extremely traumatic as well; and that trauma of being stabbed and injected with poison will cause a lot of psychological problems for these poor young kids all through adulthood.

And on the sidelines, the predictive programming continued as paid researchers claimed that Omicron “subvariants” appear to escape “antibody response” among those previously and fully vaccinated. How perfect!

First, we have ‘subvariants’ of something that does not exist, as viruses are a complete fairytale and utter nonsense. No virus in history has been proven to exist by anyone, anywhere. Viruses and infectious diseases are a SCAM!
Then we have the maiming, sterilizing, and deadly vaccine being administrated for something that does not exist, claiming to stimulate “antibodies” (something else that does not exist) and that shot of poison is now supposed to be totally useless, which means that they can push new ‘updated’ vaccines onto the dumbed down population. A never-ending cycle.

We need to wake up the sleeping masses before they kill themselves and their children. We need to shake them out of their slumber, now more than ever. Or this cycle of terror will be back on repeat – all while they tear down the economy and force you into Digital ID’s and a Universal Basic Income with tons of strings attached.

Again, please share the latest video by Spacebusters. And never give up on planting seeds of real information. Everyone who is awake and see the truth was once asleep at some level, and many were just as brainwashed as those we’re trying to wake up.

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