The 6-Year-Old Shooter Hoax – Teacher Named as Abby Zwerner

A few days back, on January 8, I covered the ridiculous staged and fake shooting at the Newport News Elementary School. According to the latest fabricated follow-up stories, the teacher’s name is ‘Abby Zwerner,’ and she got shoot when trying to confiscate the gun from the 6-year-old. At least according to New York Post. CNN, on the other hand, says there was no struggle, the 6-year-old simply pulled the gun, pointed it at the teacher and fired. Yeah, they can’t even get the fake story right.

CNN Quote
New York Post Quote

If you’re unfamiliar with this story, please check my previous article and decode here:

A 6-Year-Old Allegedly Shoots His Teacher in Newport News, Virginia

As we already know, this was a Freemasonic ritual all done by the numbers. And when I did the first decode, they simply called the teacher ‘Abby,’ with the double ‘bb,’ representing ’66.’ However, now they give us a full name, a name to mock the sleeping masses.

Abby Zwerner = 139, 158, 58, 59, 155, 524, 543
Freemasonry = 139, 158, 58, 59, 155, 524, 543

That name is a complete full match in the English ciphers with the word Freemasonry. It can’t be any more obvious that this story is fake, fabricated, and brought to the gullible public by the Freemasons. Add this to the previous decode and it’s more likely to win the lottery every single week for a year than for this to be mere coincidences.

Again, it was a 6-year-old, the perfect age for a satanic child ritual.

6-Year-Old = 115, 43, 360
Masonic = 115, 43, 360
Lucifer = 115, 43, 360
Freemasons = 115, 43

And we know the agenda behind this staged and fake ritual, it’s all in the numbers.

Abby Zwerner = 139
Gun Control = 139
Freemasonry = 139

Of course, CNN has a vile ‘opinion’ article up on this fake shooting since January 10, where ‘Jill Filipovic’ goes full libtard with rambling on about gun culture and “radically” lax gun laws. Of course, she mentions all kind of ‘Mass Shootings,’ all of which has been staged and faked by her masters. And we know who are pulling the strings, who wants to make sure no one can defend themselves.

Jill Filipovic = 144, 72
Jesuit Order = 144, 72

For more, and a great summary, check Joseph Acquaviva’s excellent video decode below.

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