Hurricane Ida to cause flooding in the Northeast, as predicted

As I wrote in my first decoding of this man-made hurricane, expect flooding, most likely on September 2nd, as 9/2/2021 = 9+2+20+21 = 52, the number of flooding…

Flood: 52
Enlil: 52 (the Goddess of flooding)
Hurricane: 52

CNN wrote today:
“Ida will unleash deadly and damaging flash flooding in Mid-Atlantic and Northeast”

“The areas of greatest concern include northern Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and eastern West Virginia.”

Pretty much what I wrote on August 28 and August 30 in my decodings…

And please keep in mind that the media coverage of Ida began on August 27, the anniversary of Harvey flooding, the 239th day of the year. 239 is the 52nd prime, as in flooding.

Weather modification warfare. Scripted all the way.

Update from September 2, following the script:

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