September 24: Hurricanes, Typhoons, and People Getting Upset That the World Did Not End…

Yesterday, September 24, many thought the world would end or that something extremely big and ‘world-shattering’ would happen; as based on some Simpsons episode and the video with the alleged German Chancellor and former employee of Black Rock mentioning the 24th. While a lot did happen on the 24th with man-made storms/hurricanes and typhoons hitting Japan and Canada, and closing in on the Philippines and Florida, most of the hype for that date was nothing more than a psy-op to make all of us look bad and that those labelled ‘conspiracy theorists’ are simply grasping at straws – always ‘doomin’ and gloomin’.

The cringy controlled opposition leading the QAnon’s (those who follow the CIA Psy-Op known as ‘Q’,) who actually believe that Princess Diana is still alive, said that she would come back on September 22 after a fake and very silly message that went viral — and that the alleged mass-arrests of pedophiles and politicians would happen on September 24. Well, nothing of that sort happened, and the Q’tards are still popping popcorn and trusting the plan, for 5 years now and counting…

However, as I wrote in my two articles, the 24th was only interesting because of its ‘666’ numerology (which brought us the storms and hurricanes,) but the new 7-year Shemitah does not start until Monday, September 26 – and we know that the Shemitah has always been followed by economic turbulence. Actually, we have already seen signs of this, especially here in Sweden as our ‘Swedish Krona’ is at its lowest ever compared to the US Dollar.
And as for all the other signs of something lurking, all concerts and such has been cancelled for late September, all of October and even for November. So, again, the point is that something might be lurking, and things might get worse in the months to come. Still, not even that is saying much considering how the last couple of years have been. But hey, you can either sit back, trust the plan and do nothing like the Q’tards and ‘light workers,’ or you can start to network, work on your skills, form communities and separate yourself from the Beast System.

Now, as for all the storms. Storm Fiona made its landfall on Canada’s Atlantic coast smashing homes and flooding roads. At the same time, puppet Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency in ‘24’ counties over Tropical Storm Ian that is approaching. Well, there are 67 counties in Florida, so why exactly 24? Because of the numbers! That is how they always do it, and we prove it every single day! ‘24’ counties on the 24th, just as ‘Canada’ and ‘Ian,’ as in tropical storm ‘Ian,’ sums to 24 in simple English Gematria.

Canada = 24
Ian = 24

According to Reuters, Tropical Storm Ian will become a hurricane today, Sunday, on September 25. Which, all by coincidence of course, is very fitting as September 25 comes with a ‘56’ date numerology and ‘Hurricane’ reduces to ’56.’

9/25/22 = (9) + (25) + (22) = 56

Hurricane = 56

At the same time, the Philippines are evacuating people from coastal areas as a category 3 typhoon called ‘Noru’ that is approaching continues to strengthen. They say it will make landfall this evening and will bring heavy rains over the capital region and nearby provinces during the afternoon and into tomorrow. Well, ‘Noru’ happens to reduce to ‘22’ in reverse and to ‘23’ in ordinal reduction. Today’s date numerology also happens to be ‘22’ and tomorrow will be ’23.’ Such coincidences…

9/25/2022 = 9 + 2 + 5 + 2 +0 + 2 + 2 = 22
9/26/2022 = 9 + 2 + 6 + 2 +0 + 2 + 2 = 23

Noru = 23, 23, 22, 22

I will update this article, or make a new one, as Ian and Noru make their landfalls and if there is anything more of interest to report – as well if other decoders make videos or articles about these man-made weather warfare events.

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