Mind Control: Programming and Conditioning, Part 17

One of the main-themes for Europe during 2015 and 2016 was the staged ‘migrant crisis’ of alleged ‘refugees’ that was combined with the Islamic ISIS terrorist agenda, which later was exchanged with the staged and fake coronavirus pandemic in 2020.
On April 7, 2017, another very poorly staged terrorist attack was carried out in Sweden dubbed the ‘2017 Stockholm truck attack.’ It was a follow-up to the 2015 fake knife-attack at an IKEA store. These two ‘terrorist attacks,’ and the refugee crisis, was used to lay the foundation for the Zionist controlled-opposition political party of the ‘Sweden Democrats (SD)’ to become one of the largest alt-right parties in Sweden.

As for the “truck attack” in Stockholm (Drottninggatan,) it was mockingly badly executed, with a truck who allegedly was stopped by hitting a few inches of a corner-wall with its left side, when in reality that would just have ripped a part of the side off (as seen in real traffic accidents against bridge pillars,) and the truck would have continued into the store, as it was allegedly travelling at 60 KMH (40 MPH) according to the police. In other words, those who arranged the scene and parked the truck at the Åhléns store did not have sufficient knowledge of physics, or they did it to mock the dumbed-down public.
They also claimed that several big 900 kg (2000 lbs.) concrete traffic obstacles were hit and was hurled into the walls of buildings without the truck even slowing down. In reality, where such tests have been conducted on their effectiveness to stop trucks, these obstacles only rotate a little bit during the impact and they rip apart the front and the wheels in the collision.
We also saw a premade surveillance video from some “security camera” of the truck driving by in high speed, but when run in slow motion this truck has different features than the truck they parked at the Åhléns store in the staged crash.
And as usual, we saw several laughable crisis actors with their Freemasonic signs and a couple of fools carrying an alleged victim for several blocks all around Stockholm city, as photographs showed from different media outlets.

A month later, on May 22, 2017, another staged and fake attack was carried out in England at the Manchester Arena following a concert by Monarch mind-controlled sex slave Ariana Grande wearing rabbit ears (Alice in Wonderland programming.) Allegedly, the Islamic extremist Salman Abedi, a suicide bomber, detonated an explosion on the premises only moments after the concert ended. How thoughtful of him to wait so they could set up a scene with crisis actors while the audience was leaving the building.
Ariana Grande was 23 years and 330 days (33) old at that day, and it was the 22nd day of the month and 22 victims. That’s a lot of Skull and Bones, Order ‘322’ references. And, of course, we saw the shoes, the missing trouser legs, and other Freemasonic symbolism in every photo published by the media.

And on August 17, 2017, another vehicle “terrorist attack” was staged as a van was allegedly driven into pedestrians in Barcelona, Spain, killing 13 and injuring 130. The media coverage once again presents us with the same script of poorly directed crisis actors. This is followed by the bomb-script on September 15, 2017, when a bomb exploded on a district line train at Parsons Green, London, England. Yes, an explosion at Parsons Green, just like Jack Parsons died in an explosion.

Of course, we also had the 2017 Las Vegas shooting on October 1st, where a 64-year-old crisis actor with a ’13 tattoo’ on his neck (the death card) fired several automatic weapons from the 32nd floor (rabbit hole path 32) and allegedly managed to kill 60 people and wounding 413, in what would have been an over-the-top world-class show of marksmanship if it had been real. According to the police he fired just over 1000 rounds, which meant he almost had a 50% hit ratio from the 32nd floor of moving targets, and very small targets from that height (85 to 117 meters or 278 to 384 feet, depending on the height of each floor.)
Also, they claim that he had 24 fire-arms and a lot of “high-capacity” magazines and that he shot from different rooms and windows. Well, 1000 rounds would still take some time to fire, especially if he switched weapons and windows. And people would flee in panic at the first sound of a shot and people getting hit, still they seemed to linger outside like cattle and he could hit almost 500 of them, if you were to believe the official bullshit story.
Also, the story was filled with references to MK Ultra and Manchurian Candidates, making the controlled opposition of the conspiracy theorists go wild and doing their job to establish the event as real by accusing mainstream media of lying about the narrative and the shooter.

The whole year of 2017 was simply rewind and repeat of the terrorist agenda. There were a lot more events than the few I mentioned here. Yet the mind-controlled masses believe it all to be real and thus were effectively conditioned to new laws and implementations of increased security measures and surveillance, a slow and unnoticed progress towards the totalitarian police state, which further down the road was truly accelerated through the 2020 Covid-19 ritual. It also laid the groundwork for the new definition of the right-wing and the alt-wing, as they now represent the complete opposite of the left-wing mentality of forgiveness, acceptance, and tolerance. Through controlled opposition, the right-wing and alt-wing were lured into the false reality illusion of blaming everything on the migrants, and that is the start of labelling anyone questioning the immigration, the “refugee crisis,” the multicultural agenda as a right-wing Nazi. And as a result, the division in society increased yet again and mind-control agendas such as ‘political correctness’ and online censorship could be taken to the next level.

During the summer of 2017, Facebook’s artificial intelligence (AI) research program announced that its “chatbots” not only developed their own language, but also figured out a way to deceive humans. This prompted a staged and scripted social media scuffle between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg over the potential dangers of AI. It served as programming and desensitization of the AI-transhuman agenda and for AI-bots doing simple tasks, slowly paving the way for public AI software – another weapon of the Infodemic censorship agenda.

2017 also saw the rise of the fake ‘#MeToo’ movement, a social engineered campaign against sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and rape culture to exploit people’s stories, desensitize the sleeping masses and create social distancing.
And suddenly, many “conspiracy theorists” started believing in the mainstream media when it came to sexual harassment and rape stories, including that of children, which also laid the groundwork for the fake and staged 2019 psy-op case of media-actor Jeffrey Epstein.

In August of 2017, The Trump administration delivered official notice that the United States would stop participating in the Paris Agreement on climate change. This served as further conditioning of the right-wing and the alt-right as being “climate-deniers” and strengthen the resolve of the fake climate change hoax on the left-wing and in mainstream media.

To further strengthen the climate hoax, the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season broke new records with 17 named storms and 10 hurricanes, most of which were constructed through weather warfare engineering.
We also saw an increase in wild fires and flooding from said hurricanes, another set of tools in the Green Agenda Climate Hoax toolbox, and a way to force people to give up their land and move into the cities (Agenda 2030, 15-minute city concept (FMC/15mC)), allowing government companies to buy land for pennies on the dollar.

In December of 2017, Jesuit-trained and Zionist puppet-actor Donald Trump, as the president of the U.S., declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, reversing decades of U.S. policy. Zionism is a doctrine of Jewish exceptionalism and nationalism, founded by British agent Theodor Herzl, who published Der Judenstaat in 1896. It represents the concept of the Jews returning to their Holy Land. Zion refers to Jerusalem, which plays an important role for the Saturn cult, especially in end-times prophecies like the Book of Revelation and rebuilding the Temple of Solomon.

With Trump as the president of the United States, we saw an upswing in the racial division agenda on the left-wing (the multicultural agenda.) In February of 2018, we saw the release of the Marvel Comics superhero film ‘Black Panther’ with a black savior, mimicking the fake liberation movement ‘Black Panther Party’ founded by the CIA in 1966.

As a follow-up on the 2017 fake ‘#MeToo’ movement, fake sexual ‘hush-money’ allegations were made by porn-actress Stormy Daniels against Jesuit actor Donald Trump on March 6 (3/6 as in three sixes, 666,) 2018, which later would become a distraction ritual in 2023.

On March 24, 2018, the staged and fake ‘March for Our Lives’ demonstration was arranged in support the leftish-agenda of gun control. While staged and fake terrorist attacks rampaged the left-wing controlled Europe, the United States, now with right-wing president Donald Trump, the antichrist opposite on the world-stage, the U.S. were more concerned with the right-wing agenda of limiting immigration. This resulted in a much less of the leftish gun-control-agenda of staged and faked shootings within the U.S., which the masses were to distracted to notice, yet they once again doubled in 2020 and 2021 when Joe Biden became president and the scrip shifted again. The ‘March for Our Lives’ were a little reminder for the left-wing of their values, and used as gaslighting of the right-wing.

We will continue in the next part.

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