The Controlled Trucker Convoy Successful as Predicted – Emergencies Act Invoked

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Monday that he is enacting the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canadian history, in response to the ongoing protests over COVID-19 restrictions in Ottawa and around Canada. Trudeau says the act will be limited in time, scope and geographical area, and it is not being used to call in the military or to override the charter. The act, established in 1988, allows the federal government to override the provinces and authorize special temporary measures to ensure security during national emergencies.

There you have it, as a few of us predicted from the start when Controlled Opposition started this Fr33dom Convoy Psy-Op in late January!
And while Jesuit-educated puppet Trudeau says he will not call in the Military, that can quickly change and the thing about invoking these Big Brother Emergencies Acts is that they can be more easily used again and again and modified to be even more totalitarian out of ‘necessity’ and for the ‘greater good’ of the nation. This was one of the agendas from the start, and some of us, who took a lot of heat for exposing the lies, predicted exactly this!

From Steve Wilson, one of the few who also predicted this a few days after I posted my article:

My first article of the controlled Trucker Convoy Psy-Op:

Trucker Fr33dom Convoy – come on, it’s a Psy-Op! (updated Jan. 29)

And the follow-up:

The Fr33dom CON-voy Trucker Psy-OP – More Catching On
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