Scripted Programming: Radioactive Material at Missouri Elementary School

One of the scripts they have been running lately in the media and the “news” is that of a nuclear war. This programming started shortly after they staged the fake computer-generated war in Ukraine with actor Zelenskyy saying that the world should be prepared for nuclear war. A few days after that, the other actor, Putin was said to have mobilized his ‘Satan II’ nuclear missiles. Of course, nothing transpired from that. Then we had the New York City and their ‘atomic bomb’ preparedness, and again more mobilization in Russia during mid-September, and of course, the staged and faked Nord Stream and Crimea Bridge “explosions,” which once again had “world leaders” warning about a nuclear war – a ‘Nuclear Armageddon.’

Between these events we’ve had small stories in the media reminding us of the nuclear hoax, of nuclear waste and radioactivity. Allegedly, several countries are now stockpiling iodine pills to help against ‘’radiation,’ and then you have this new story about radioactivity from alleged waste dating back to the creation of the first “atomic bomb.” Yes, they claim that an elementary school outside St. Louis was found to have “unacceptable” levels, 22-times the expected amount of radioactive contamination stemming from this alleged “atomic bomb.” They claim that the wastes come from residues of the Manhattan Engineering District Project which contaminated the waterway of Coldwater Creek. And supposedly, as Coldwater Creek flooded, some of this alleged radioactive material just broke lose or something and ended up on neighboring lands such as this school. Yeah, that sounds very plausible. And let’s not overlook the fact that ‘Coldwater Creek’ shortens to ‘CC’ and that C is the third letter, thus ‘CC’ is the Freemasonic ’33.’

Anyway, residents now fear it may be linked to various cases of illness, disease, and deaths in the area – and that make for great fear propaganda as it reminds the sheep of the nuclear- and radioactivity hoax.

Of course, the levels just have to be ’22-times’ higher. 22 as in the Freemasonic Master Builder number. For Freemasons, we have three very important numbers often used in their scripted hoaxes and rituals; ’11,’ the master number, ’22,’ the master builder number, and ’33,’ the master teacher number. Whenever these shows up, especially in headlines, you know they most likely had their little piggy fingers dipped into that particular story.
Also, in gematria, ‘Mason’ and ‘Jesuit’ both has a numerical value of ’22.’

Now, take a look at the photo from the Elementary School. They always leave clues in their photos. And this photo seems to be at least a week old, as the sign shows events from 10/11, the 11th day of the month, the master number. Or, as you can drop the zero in numerology, and you get ‘111,’ representing the closed gate. In gematria, ‘111’ is often seen with psychological operations when protecting their secrets and lies, and it just so happens to line up perfectly with the topic of the story.

Radioactive Contamination = 111
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 111 (Pope Francis -> Catholic Church -> The Jesuit Order)
Psychological Operation = 111
Protecting the Secrets = 111
US of America = 111

Also note the picture on the sign illustrating the Missouri Tigers. We are in the year of the Tiger and Tigers reduce to the Freemasonic ‘33’ in gematria. Another Freemasonic calling-card. With the headline and that sign, we now have 11, 22, and 33 all together in the same story.
This also take us to the reason why they published this story on October 17, as that date comes with a 33-date numerology.
10/17/2022 = (10) + (17) + 2+0+2+2 = 33

And then note the address, ‘405 Jana Lane,’ which has a value of ‘31’ in three ciphers, and October 17 also comes with a 31-date numerology.
10/17/22 = (10) + (17) + 2+2 = 31
10/17/22 = 1+0+1+7 + (22) = 31

405 Jana Lane = 31, 31, 31


405 Jana Lane = 59
Freemasonry = 59
Pope Francis = 59 (again)

The 17th of October can also be written as 17/10, or like 171.

Radioactive Material = 171
Psychological Operation = 171

They call the levels ‘unacceptable.’

Unacceptable = 103, 618, 40
Jesuits = 103, 618, 40

And the ‘unacceptable’ levels from the alleged atomic bomb were in fact ‘22’ times higher than expected, as in ‘twenty-two,’ as reported by ‘Marco Kaltofen.’

Unacceptable = 39
Twenty-Two = 39
Marco Kaltofen = 39

Atomic Bomb = 39
Twenty-Two = 39

Again, this story has been fabricated by some Freemason claiming radiation in that area to push the current nuclear agenda, in case they decide to simulate and fake a nuclear attack. Remember, nothing has to be real and it almost never is. All they need to do is to set off a bomb and claim that certain zones are radioactive and quarantined by military. A perfect way to scare and keep people out of certain zones and locked into other zones. Even more effective than the fake coronavirus plandemic.

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