Fabricated Story About Stella Luna Owner Breaking Down Over Threats for Donating to Truckers – How They Operate

Fox is really trying to please the fake narrative of left and right by pushing fabricated stories about supporters of the false flag Trucker Convoy Operation as victims.

Allegedly, a Tammy Giuliani, who owns Stella Luna Gelato Café in Ottawa, talked with “Jesse Watters Primetime” about the situation in Canada as a ‘supporter’ of the controlled Truckers Protests. Keep in mind, you have to please both sides of a story, especially the staged ones that the cabal and the government organize themselves, in order to give them credibility. When looking at about 70% of the big masses, you have the dumbed down sheep that lean to the left and think that everything presented in the media is real. Then you have the sheep that are slowly realizing something is wrong, but they are still semi-retarded and lean to the right – falling into every psy-op the government throws at them. CNN serves the first group, while Fox leans towards the second. Both groups think that the Trucker Convoy for Freedom is real and organic, but they fight each other because of the brainwashing and clever strategies of the rulers. The leftist are so afraid of the staged and fake pandemic and viruses that do not exist that they hate everyone and everything. The other half, controlled by the right wing of the same bird, are pit against the leftist by controlled opposition while believing they are fighting for ‘freedom,’ when they are actually fighting for the beast system and following a script to get more of their rights and their freedom removed.

This takes us to this story, with a puppet-actor following a script. The ‘interview,’ starts of as follows:

“GIULIANI: I think never in my 56 years have I ever experienced a country so divided, so full of hatred toward friends and neighbors…”

Bam! 56 years, you say? The infamous pandemic hoax code of 56. And this was on Thursday, when they started the arrest, which they stepped up as predicted during Friday; on Justin Trudeau’s 56th day of his age.

Freedom Convoy = 56
Truckers = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

Society of Jesus is connected to the number 56, the name that The Jesuit Order held when it was established in 1540. And of course, the name of the café matches with their order, just as with this false flag operation.

Stella Luna Gelato Café = 187
Convoy of Freedom 2022 = 187 (what some organizers called it)
Society of Jesus = 187

The story begins with her allegedly making a ‘250-dollar donation’ to the ‘Trucker Convoy,’ to, as the article put it, fight ‘Covid-19 mandates.’

250-Dollar Donation = 161 & 71
Trucker Convoy = 161 & 71

250-Dollar Donation = 231 & 87
Covid-19 Mandates = 231 & 87

Such coincidence that it was exactly 250 dollars and not a penny less, or their script would have fallen apart.

She also goes on about all the alleged names she was called (see quote above.) One of them being, “disgusting pig of a woman,” and another being “we’re coming to get you,” both which fits nicely with her description in Fox News’ headline.

Disgusting Pig of a Woman = 105
Canadian Gelato Shop Owner = 105

We’re Coming to Get You = 240
Canadian Gelato Shop Owner = 240

I guess the libtard haters were well versed in gematria. Or could it be the writers of the script for this story making sure their ‘word magic’ is strong? What is most likely, you coincidence theorist?
But wait, there is more!

We’re Coming to Get You = 84
The Jesuit Order = 84 (yes, unless you do as they say)

And poor Tammy was even called a ‘Nazi Supporter,’ according to Fox News.

Nazi Supporter = 72
Tammy = 72
Jesuit Order = 72
Two Hundred Fifty = 72 (she was called ‘Nazi Supporter’ for donating $250)

Nazi Supporter = 153
Jesuit Order = 153
Stella Luna = 153 (the name of her café)

And for her name…

Tammy Giuliani = 64
Trucker Convoy = 64

Tammy Giuliani = 197
Freedom Convoy 2022 = 197

I could go on and on, but I think you get my point. This story is simply part of the script, part of the false flag operation. Just as the silly arrests that were made. Look them up, there are videos of the arrests. No rights were read, no words uttered at all, the convoy organizers are simply being escorted by police off the premises, as in mission successful, now you can go home.

Trucker Fr33dom Convoy – come on, it’s a Psy-Op! (updated Jan. 29)

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