Biden Speaks of 12-Year-Old Children, Russians Allegedly Flee Russia, and Fake Starlink is in the News

Accompanied with some archive photos and video footage from some old and long forgotten traffic jam, the mainstream media paints the pictures of Russians fleeing their country and getting stuck In traffic after Putin’s announcement for partial mobilization (calling in reserves for the staged and totally fake war in Ukraine.)

Remember, pictures and video footage in “News” coverages does not represent an actual event, they are picked and used to ‘illustrate’ the story written by the writer – the same way you have pictures in a storybook for children. The same is true for alleged “on site reporting” where the actual reporter is in front of a green screen and digitally inserted into some video footage obtained elsewhere. This is very important to understand.

As for Russians fleeing, Finland plays a long reluctantly and their border control was quoted saying that there has been a slight increase, about a hundred Russian vehicles in the last few days seeking to cross the border. Keep in mind that Putin’s announcement was on September 21, and CNN shows photos of a jammed border from that exact same date? So, CNN, you’re telling us that within a few hours of Putin’s announcement, Russians manage to collect their things, jump into cars, and drive hundreds of miles to the closest border? Yeah, that seems legit.
And when messaging some Russian friends, they just laughed it off calling it fake propaganda for the fake war.

And speaking of fakery, another headline during September 23 featured the composite character of Elon Musk and his alleged Starlink. Reuters even did us the favor of tilting the Starlink logotype a little bit in their featured image, really showing us that it is indeed an upside-down cross drawn to look like a star. Their way of preserving karma by telling us that it’s just another metascript by the Satanic rulers. Another way to further their version of reality, to keep us trapped in their illusion of space and being ruled by technology.

As for Starlink it’s all fake, it does not exist. This is extremely easy to debunk as satellites do not exist. We live within a closed system. Communication is done by cables and cell/communication towers. These towers have been nerfed from the start and they simply boost them and add more repeaters and emitters on buildings to give the illusion of new technology, such as 4G, 5G and now “Starlink” beaming down from ‘satteloons.’

And to end our little summary of September 23, their demented puppet of Joe Biden, played by some actor wearing a rubber mask, once again mocked us and especially those dumbed down and brainwashed into supporting the illusion of politics and the left-wing with an outburst of pure pedophilia.

“She was 12, I was 30. But anyway…” Hey, wait… What Did Joe Biden Just Say?

“You gotta say hi to me,” Biden said mid-speech at the National Education Association headquarters in DC. “We go back a long way. She was 12, I was 30. But anyway, this woman helped me get an awful lot done.”

The world is a stage and shit is getting weirder by the day.

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