INSANITY: Meta Products such as Facebook and Instagram Now Allows Hate Speech and Wishing Death Upon Russians

Wow, just wow. If you expose lies and challenge fake authorial propaganda using your God-given Free Speech, you get account suspensions, shadow bans, or you get your whole account deleted, but if you call for death and violence against Russia and Russian civilians, you’re fully in your right of “Free Speech” according to these sick and twisted bastards.

It’s time to wake up now little sheep. And this is of course all done by the numbers in yet another ritual to mock us – and to put people against each other, fueling hatred.

This story broke on March 10, 2022.
March 10, 2020 = 3/10/2022 = (3) + (10) + (20) + (22) = 55
Note that the staged fake war begun on February 24, the 55th day of the year.

Zuckerberg = 55
Putin = 55
Soviet Union = 55

Remember, Putin is called the Beast, as in Satan. And Boris Johnson’s “#PutinMustFail” reduces to 55.
Also, March 10, 2020 = 3/10/22 = (3) + (10) + (22) = 35

Satan = 55 & 35

This also comes 300 days after Zuckerberg’s birthday on May 14 and it is about his ‘Meta’ platforms.

300 is the 24th Triangular number. And 24 has been used throughout this staged war, as it began on the 24th of February.

Meta = 24
Russia = 24

And, of course…

Facebook = 24
Instagram = 24
Putin = 24

And March 10 was the 69th day of the year.

Meta = 69
Mark Zuckerberg = 69
Vladimir Putin = 69
The Jesuit Order = 69

Please, do not fall into their traps. Ignore everything on the staged and lying media, or what is amusingly called the ‘News.’ This is all about division, making us hate each other, and to distract us from where we are heading. Do not play into their hand. Instead, try and wake people from their slumber and release them from the grip of the controlling media.
If you need support or feel alone in the struggle, please join us at our community Ungovernable.

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