March 9, 2021. Training and Life update with Q&A

Yes, it’s been a while. I’ve been quite busy with reading, studying and writing (as of now, I’m about 80 to 90% recovered from the brain-stem tumor injury) and sharing 30+ years of research and information on nutrition, the fake germ theory, the scamdemic, our Natural Law, the Terrain Theory, the One World Government (New World Order) and much more. As always, I just share information I’ve spent countless of hours researching to shake you out of your slumber, to make you start thinking like an individual again (and not like a controlled hive-mind), and to get you to start asking questions. I don’t care if you agree or disagree, I just want you to do a little bit of research and start questioning the narrative. Don’t be a sheep, be your own man or woman.

Warning: training nerd stuff ahead.
So, my training frequency has been averaging at four sessions a week. I did have a week off here and there during January and February, but being animal-based, you didn’t even notice the layoff when you got back at the gym again. And my strength in some lifts is still slowly increasing – although I mostly train for the health benefits now. Trying to push your body to become bigger or stronger will only put unnecessary stress on all systems, actually making you LESS healthy. I’m pretty pleased with my size and conditioning as of now. Being only 173 cm tall (5′ 8″), and weighing 76 kg with deep visible abs and veiny legs. Adding more muscle and getting over 80 kg with my current low body fat percentage will most likely be negative for my long-term health. Not the weight itself, but the amount of metabolic muscle mass (although fat weight is even worse).

With that in mind, my workouts are now very simple. I ramp (increase) the weights for each set in one multi-joint exercise per workout until I’m close to my daily max, only doing 4 to 6 reps per set, then I back off and might do a drop set. After that, I only do two or three isolation exercises and I’m done. Each training session is about 30 minutes. So, two hours a week at the gym, lol.
Last week, I did 240 kg (528 lbs.) in the unilateral seated chest press, that’s 120 kg (264 lbs.) per arm for 5 reps. Not too bad for a 47-year-old with a body weight of only 76 kg (167 lbs.). But keep in mind, I’ve been training on and off (mostly on) since I was 13 years old. So, I have 34 years of weight training under my belt…

I also did seated barbell shoulder presses from rack with 105 kg (231 lbs.) for 4 reps. For some reason (as I have genetic loose shoulder joints), I need to train my shoulders pretty heavy for the joints to feel good and stable. I need that muscle density and strength in my shoulder to feel good and to be able to use them without pain or them feeling ‘glitchy’. That’s why I like the seated chest press, as I can lock in the motion and push out the chest and secure my shoulders. In my younger years I pushed my shoulder joint out of its socket several times doing bench presses and dumbbell pressed. Don’t do that crap anymore. As I said, I now train to keep a healthy and strong body, and I train because it’s a part of me.
I also went through two days of cleansing last week. We had a few days of very warm weather here in Sweden, and then it got really cold again.

Temperature changes can trigger our detox-system (as in getting a cold or ‘flu’), so I was prepared for it. And I had two nights of heavy sweating for an hour or so, accompanied with some lose stools (first time since I adopted the animal-based diet in early 2018). Apart from this, I felt just as good as ever during the days. It was actually during the first day of our natural cleansing cycle that I did the 240 kg (528 lbs.) in the chest press. I guess I hadn’t accumulated that much toxins since I healed myself in 2018. This was the first time I had a natural detox since then. I still have to experience a ‘cold’ or any other sort of illness, something I had 3 to 4 times a year before discovering the animal-based diet and the Terrain Theory in 2018. At 47, my health is better than it’s ever been in my entire life. I’ve cured my life-long asthma, my allergies, my digestion problems, healed my organs and several tumors. Once you learn how things really are, how our body really works, a new world of opportunity opens up and everything becomes so easy, almost effortless.

And sorry for the bad quality, blurry, mobile phone photos. I just don’t have the time nor the interest to set up one of my SLR’s in good lightning and pose. Might do it next time I do a prolonged fast, just to document. But it’s such a hassle.

Thank you all for reading. Have an awesome week!

Additional: Question about “Animal-based”…

Animal-based mean that the foundation, or all of your diet, is based only on animal foods. In other words, our natural species appropriate diet – what we as humans are meant to eat. That is organ meats, any cut of meat, bones and anything produced by an animal, such as eggs and milk (and products such as kefir/yoghurt, hard cheese etcetera). It’s the only way to get all nutrients in bioavailable form and without all the toxic antinutrients, defense chemicals, pesticides, GMO and other harmful crap found in useless plant foods.

About blood types and genetics…

To be honest, I’ve never considered my blood type as I’ve always seen that as nonsense. We are all humans. We all work exactly the same. People trying to divide us and put us into different categories only want to look smart and sell you something. The small differences we can see is due to outside factors such as pollution, nutrition deficiencies, and life style. Fix the nutritional part and start taking care of yourself and most problems and “differences” will heal and go away.

About nutrition and lymph…

Nope, the opposite in fact. I’ve had gut issues my entire life, especially when trying to eat more carbohydrates to gain weight or when trying to eat more vegetables, because I though some “phytonutrients” could be good. Well, that was a big frikkin’ lie. Once I went carnivore, my digestion, after a week of turmoil, has been perfect every day. One-wipe wonders.
I wrote about fiber some year ago here:
And my lymph is obviously moving a long fine, since I haven’t been sick once since I started. Only had two nights of sweating since early 2018. And before then, I was sick 3 to 4 times a year, always with pneumonia and sinusitis. No longer. And your lymph is moved by your body movements. I lift weights (with no rest) four or five times a week, and I walk my dogs for 2 to 4 hours a day.

Another selfie from March 7.
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