US Government Still Withholding 9/11 Records

Caught this little gem of a story on CNN. Allegedly, more than 1,600 people in 9/11 families have told Jesuit actor Joe Biden to stay away from memorial service unless he releases records related to the fake attack (the CIA demolition of the towers).

Isn’t it interesting that the US government is withholding 9/11 records/evidence nearly 20 years after the event? Yet, you’re a “conspiracy theorist” for pointing out the obvious holes in the “official 9/11 story.”

And just as interesting is that CNN released this story on August 6, 2021, leaving 147 days in the year…

Conspiracy: 147
CIA-led Operation: 147
President of the United States: 147
Freemason: 147

That says it all, a CIA-led operation executed by the Freemasons within the FBI and the Police, as most of us have said all along. Also, keep in mind that there is 147 windows on the White House, so pulling acting president Joe Biden into the story makes perfect sense to them.
That is pretty much all there is to it, but for fun, let’s do some more Gematria on this coded story.

147 seems very relevant to this story, let’s see what else turns up…

One Hundred Forty-Seven: 94
147 Windows: 94
Memorial Service: 94
The Holy See: 94

Once again with the 147 windows and, of course, The Holy See, or the Vatican, the seat of authority of the Roman Catholic Church.

One Hundred Forty-Seven: 257
Records Related to Attacks: 257
Sept 11: 257 (Jewish)

Sums up the story.

August 6, 2021, is the 218th day of the year.
Withholding 9/11 Records: 218 (Jew Ord)
United States of America: 218 (Jew Ord)
Exposing the Lies: 218
Holy Roman Empire: 218

Exposing the lies is a perfect match with ‘withholding 9/11 records.’ The Holy Roman Empire, or the Catholic Church of the Vatican, with their Jesuit Order pulling the strings for such events.

August 6, 2021 = 8/6/2021 = 8+6+20+21 = 55
9/11 Records: 55
9/11 Families: 55 (Jew Red)
US Government: 55 (Chaldean)
The Jesuits: 55 (Jew Red)
Deceivers: 55 (Jew Red)
It is Fake: 55
Lie: 55
Manipulation: 55


1,600 people: 72 (Jew Ord)
September Eleven: 72 (Jew Red)

1,600 people: 43 (Chaldean)
Surveillance: 43 (Chaldean)

Sixteen hundred: 127
Ground Zero: 127
Stay Away From Memorial Service: 127

Sixteen hundred: 660 = 66 (Satanic)
Number of the Beast: 66
Conspiracy: 66

They just had to have that in there. 1,600 disguised as 666 and with the Satanic cipher to boot! And once again, a reference to conspiracy…

And CNN updated the article at 02:16 = 2 (1+6) = 27
Lies: 27
Staged: 27 (Jew Red)
Psy-Op: 27 (Chaldean)
Ritual: 27
Sacrifice: 27
Law: 270 = 27 (Rev Eng Sumerian)

Or, updated at 10:16 HKT = 17
“Sept 11”: 17
WTC: 17

CNN pretty much told us everything by setting their update to that time stamp. It’s all lies, a staged psy-op performed as a ritual sacrifice to enforce new laws of surveillance. Although it was a controlled demolition of empty buildings and nobody died, it’s about the illusion and the media coverage of alleged deaths. That is the power of their ritual – people’s emotions and the illusion they created. Remember, the towers were created to be destroyed, it was planned from the start – as shown by predictive programming in movies, TV-shows, cartoons, album and book covers, and so on.

And, just for fun…

Twin Towers: 166
September Eleven: 166
September 11 Attacks: 166
Conspiracy Theorist is Correct: 166

As you can see, Twin Towers and September Eleven are a match. Such a coincidence, right? Also, our “One Hundred Forty-Seven” is 166 in Reverse Full Reduction EP…

And if you ever wondered why they used “Ground Zero…”, which is typically used for nuclear blast zones or really big bombs…

Ground Zero: 62
Sept 11: 62
September Eleven: 62 (Septenary)
September 11: 620 = 62 (English Sumerian)
Sacrifice: 62
The Jesuits: 62

Ground Zero: 46
September 11: 46 (Jew Red)
Sacrifice: 46

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