The puppet on strings

The Swedish Parliament Joke Continues

This is a 10-minute quick look at this ongoing joke by the Freemasons. Since politics and government is nothing more that a puppet show and theatre, it’s not really worth my time. It’s all staged and scripted.

Stefan Löfven was yet again voted in as Prime Minister for the Swedish Parliament. The floor man, Andreas Norlén, announced the decision at 14:58.
14:58 can be written as 1458.
The number 1458 prime factorization is “2 × 3 × 3 × 3 × 3 × 3 × 3”, which could be written as: two times 333 above and 333 below = 666

The funny thing is that only 116 voted yes.
173 voted against.
And 60 did not vote at all.

If you flip 116 upside-down you get 911. How very astute.
9/11 is the real birthday of Jesus (September and July switched places in the new Gregorian Calendar) – and that is why they use 9/11 in psy-ops, and to mock us and the creator (especially in movies as 9/11 was planned long before the twin-towers were built.)
9/11 can also be written as 11/9 or 119.
Stefan Löfven Statsminister: 119 (Jew Red)
Statsminister Sverige: 119 (Jew Red)
People Fooled: 119 (Jew Ord)
Tricked: 119
All-Seeing Eye: 119
Chain of Command: 119
Vatican: 119

Example of how they mocked us way in advance about 9/11.

173 voted against. 173 is the 40th prime number.
Sverige (Sweden): 40
Joke: 40
Swindle: 40, 40
Theatre: 40
Löfven: 40
Statsminsiter: 40 (Chaldean)
Regering: 40 (Septenary)

As always, the number 56 is relevant, especially since ‘Stefan Löfven’ is ‘56’ in Reverse Full Reduction. And this vote came 16 days after he was outed – and yes, the phrase “16 days” equals ’56.’
Stefan Löfven: 56, 56
Regering (Government): 56
16 days: 56
Lurade (fooled): 56 (Rev Full Red EP)
Lurad: 56
Staged: 56

And if you add the numbers as single digits from the vote (116, 173, and 60) you get: 1+1+6+1+7+3+6+0 = 25
Sweden: 25
Show: 25
Sverige: 25 (Chaldean)
16 dagar: 25 (Septenary)
Lurade (fooled): 25

And again, this was declared at 14:58, if you add that up as 1+4+5+8, you get 18.
16 dagar: 18 (Chaldean)
Lurad (fooled): 18 (Septenary)
Show: 18 (Septenary)
Hoax: 18 (Chaldean)
IHS (symbol of the Jesuit Order): 18

Stefan Löfven was born on 21 July 1957. He was voted in again 14 days before his birthday.
Joke: 14, 14
Con: 14
Fake: 14
Skämt: 14 (Jew Red)

Stefan Löfven first entered the office as Prime Minister on October 3, 2014. This vote happened 2469 days later. 2+4+6+9 = 21
Kris (Crisis): 21
Lurade (fooled): 21 (Chaldean)
Fooled: 21 (Septenary)
Tricked: 21 (Chaldean)
Show: 21 (Chaldean)
Hoax: 21
Jesuit: 21

And yes, this happened on July 7, as in 7/7 = 77

Lurendrejeri (trickery/sham): 77
Theatre: 77
Sverige: 77

The recurring theme is that it’s all a joke played on the people. Entertainment for the slaves. A distraction and probably part of a bigger agenda.

And if you have yet to acknowledge the fact that politics and governments are nothing more than a puppet show and theatre controlled by the ancient 13 bloodlines, their secret society orders and war-bankers, just look at that picture. Look at Löfven! That is the persona and the face of a useful idiot, a puppet on strings, not capable of doing anything on his own. It’s not the face of someone who instill trust, it’s not the persona of a leader. It’s just theatre and the joke is on you!

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