CNN fires Chris Cuomo in a Jesuit ritual, 117 days after his birthday

More theatre for the masses. But actually something ‘good’ for once. Having to watch a clip for a decode with Chris Cuomo or Anderson Cooper is pure torture of your mind. Well, pretty much any news anchor is, but you get my point.

First of all, this ritual took place on December 4, as in 12/4, that is 124.

Chris Cuomo = 124 (such a coincidence!!)

As you can see, Chris went to Yales, the Jesuit University known for their Skull and Bones Freemasonry. And he was born on August 9, which leaves 144 days in the year.
Jesuit Order = 144

The ritual comes exactly 117 days after his birthday. Chris worked for CNN, the Jesuit owned and CIA controlled “news” network.
Central Intelligence Agency = 117
Thirteen = 117 (and this is important because…)
CIA = 13 & 13 (as in ‘thirteen’ that is 117)
CNN = 13 (as in ‘thirteen’ that is 117)

They quoted, “terminated” by the network, “effective immediately.”
Terminated effective immediately = 144
Jesuit Order = 144

This happened on a Saturday.
Saturday = 109
Terminated = 109
Effective Immediately = 109

And he was fired because of him helping his brother ‘Andrew M. Cuomo’, as stated in the article.
Andrew M. Cuomo = 62
Terminated = 62

They say this has to do with what Chris did to help his brother Andrew Cuomo who faced charges of sexual assault and resigned as governor on August 24. The “firing” of Chris comes within a span of 103 days after his brother Andrew resigned.

Jesuits = 103 (their masters)
Politics = 103 (keyword for the theme of the Cuomo story)
Theatrics = 103 (what politics is, and this story is)

103 is the 27th Prime Number.
Ritual = 27 (what this is)
Cuomo = 27 (Chaldean cipher)

The New York Times and other outlets ran with the following headline:
“CNN Fires Chris Cuomo Amid Inquiry Into His Efforts to Aid His Brother”
That is 13 words.
CIA = 13 & 13
CNN = 13

Again, another scripted ritual. Are the Cuomo brothers retired or will they pop up again in new positions or roles?

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