The Pre-Planned and Scripted Riots in Sweden

Here we go again. People getting angry and divided, hating on all Muslims, and begging for tougher Police measures, wanting to give the Police even more authority and assistance from the military — and at a time when Sweden is looking at a membership into NATO. Exactly the reaction the government and the ruling hidden hand wants. Problem, reaction, solution – order out of chaos.

If you do not understand what this is and how it happens, let me explain it to you in detail. We live in a scripted world, a world of theatre, hence the expression that ‘the world is a stage.’

The world is ruled by 13 identified families of ancient bloodlines. They operate through the Black Pope, i.e., the Superior General of the Jesuit Order and all the secret societies beneath them, such as the Freemasons, the Knights of Malta, the Rosicrucian Order, the Boule Society, the Fabian Society, the Knights of Columbus, and many, many more. Of these, the Freemasons are the most wide-spread and are infiltrated into all positions of power – from the government, to the police, to the military, and all special operations.

As for Sweden, it was one of the first countries to welcome Freemasonry and the corruption runs very deep. Sweden was also among the first countries to become a registered company, using Maritime Law to make its citizens property of the state. That is why Sweden has been so generous with accepting immigrants and refugees. Every person registered as a citizen is worth about $2 to $3 Million Dollars that can be used as collateral when adding to the national debt. They don’t care if each refugee costs them half a million when they can extend their loans by 2 or 3 million per new citizen.

Another aspect of accepting so many refugees from staged and mostly fake wars and conflicts is to destabilize the country, as a part of Agenda 2030. They want a police state, 24/7 surveillance, trackable digital ID’s, and a One World Government.

So, these ‘riots’ that are supposedly from angry Muslims reacting to burnings of the Koran, are all planned by the Freemasons within the government and the police. They are all in on it, make no mistake about that.

These burnings of the Koran are of course blamed and pinned on protests held by ‘right wing extremists’ and the riots and destruction is caused by Muslim counter-protesters. Divide and conquer; order out of chaos.

It’s really easy to understand how these things work. The puppets in the government and their friends in the secret societies get informed about the agendas and possible ways to reach it. Problem, reaction, solution.

They want more support measures for stricter laws, for curfews, for surveillance, for the use of special forces and military, for bringing in mercenaries and private military, for new laws and to make it easier to pin someone as an ‘extremist’ or ‘terrorist,’ and so on. They want to strip every bit of freedom we have, and remove all our rights, one by one – and they want us to ask them to do it. And many of us will, because the sheep among the population are afraid from reading about and watching all the staged false flag operations on TV that they have exposed us to – just like the staged and fake war in Ukraine. And they want to have everything in place for the day the stupid Swede wakes up and realize that he’s been played for a fool.

You have the Freemasons coming up with these ideas to start riots. You have all these infiltrated youth organizations on both the left and the right that are funded with the same money. They get told to assemble some members that can take orders and can be trusted. You have your crisis actors that are in place to act out in front of the media’s cameras and to instigate and spur on trouble. You have the police that are in on it — at least the majority of them that are in a command position and can tell their colleagues to retreat, as we saw in these scripted riots. So, yes, the riots are taking place, police vehicles are trashed and burned, and some civilians might even get hurt as ‘regular’ citizens get dragged into it, but it’s all planned and staged by the ‘authorities’ for their agenda. And that is what you need to understand. It’s planned and staged by your own government and police!

So, please, do not buy into it. Do not add fuel to the fire by hating on people that are not involved. And be very aware of the agenda. Do whatever you can to counter it. Do not play along with it!

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