Battle for Kyiv Underway – A Tribute to the 9/11 Psy-Op

As I wrote this morning, today is all about Kyiv. And the new headline covering the first page at CNN is, “Battle for Kyiv Underway.”

Battle for Kyiv Underway = 277, 119
Psychological Operations = 277, 119

It sure is! And note the 119, which is 11/9, the eleventh of September in Europe format, or 9/11 for the Americans.

Battle for Kyiv = 166, 77
September Eleven = 166, 77

So clever, such a tribute to one of the biggest staged psy-ops. Just like this ‘Russia-Ukraine’ conflict and war, as the news outlets like to write it.

Battle for Kyiv = 166, 58, 185
Russia-Ukraine = 166, 58, 185

Battle for Kyiv Underway = 97, 290, 119
The World is Changing = 97, 290
Satanic New World Order = 97, 119

Yes, that is what it is about, the world changing into the New World Order, and it sure is satanic. Read more here:

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And here:

A look into the Secret Societies and the Vision for our World

And we’ve seen this before during the build-up to this staged war:

US Accuses Vladimir Putin of Planning a False Flag in 9/11-Ritual

And more on 9/11 rituals here:

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