Putin Orders Troops into Ukraine on ‘Peacekeeping’ mission

The conflict keeps evolving with the numbers, pretty much as we have predicted. On February 21, Russian troops are moving over the border into pro-Russian regions of Ukraine on a ‘peacekeeping’ mission. With troops inside the borders, it’s the perfect set-up for a false flag, as in faking that Ukraine troops attacked the ‘peacekeeping’ mission. Any such staged confrontation would fit nicely with the numerology of February 22. Remember, on February 22, it will be the 322-year anniversary of the start of the Great Northern War with Russia. 322-years as in Order 322, aka., Skull and Bones.

As for this allegedly mission starting on February 21, it comes on the 52nd day of the year.

Authority = 52 (Russia shows its authority)
Government = 52
NWO = 52 (New World Order, what this conflict is actually about)
Pope = 52 & 56 (Catholic Church, Jesuit Order, and is also 56…)

And the keyword in the story is of course, “peacekeeping,” which reverse reduces to the infamous ’56.

Peacekeeping = 56
Vladimir = 56 (Vladimir Putin’s peacekeeping mission)
Donetsk = 56 (one of the regions troops went into)
Society of Jesus = 56 (The Jesuit Order writing the script)

The ‘pro-Russia’ area the troops are moving into are called the Donbas, or Donbass; a region located in south-eastern Ukraine, some of whose territory is occupied by two unrecognized separatist states, the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic.

Pro-Russia = 107
Donbas = 107
Military = 107

Donbas = 55
Military = 55 (Russia military)
Putin = 55 (sent by Putin)

And for the alternative spelling:

Donbass = 74
Military Forces = 74

Also remember that Vladimir Putin was born on October 7, so this ‘peacekeeping’ mission comes exactly 137 days after his birthday. 137 is the 33rd prime number. 33 is a very Freemasonic number as it symbolizes the “third” master ‘teacher’ number and the highest degree within Scottish Rite.

And on February 22, it will be 138 days, and 2/22/2022 = 2 + 22 + 20 + 22 = 66.

Ukraine Invaded = 138, 66

As said, the conflict with Ukraine and Russia has been scripted from the start. And watch out for further development today, February 22, the anniversary of the Great Northern War.
Will the ‘world’ condemn this “peacekeeping” mission and call ‘Ukraine Invaded,’ will they do a false flag and blame Ukrainian forces, or something else?

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