Kerry Chant, the Chief Health Officer of New South Wales, say “New World Order” by the script

Kerry Chant is the perfect puppet to mock those who know and understand, while simultaneously making fun of what media call “conspiracy theories”. Her name is a match in eight ciphers with the word ‘conspiracy’!
The Jesuit-owned Mainstream Media immediately downplayed her “alleged slip” and reported that this incident had given rise to unfounded “conspiracy theories.” What an easy way to make fun of those who can see while reinforcing the grip on the sheep. Remember, nothing goes viral if they do not want it to.

Conspiracy = 147
Kerry Chant = 147
Chief Health Officer = 147 and 102

Australia = 102
Fact-Checkers = 102 and 69

New World Order= 69 and 177
The Jesuit Order= 69 and 177

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