Who Did It? Wrong Question!

After the alleged leaks of the Nord Stream pipelines, I see that question posted more now than in a very long time. Everything played out exactly as I wrote in my small article about the leaks. The lukewarm truthers believe the U.S. did it because of the speech made by Joe Biden on February 7th where he said that, “if Russia invades, then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.”

At the same time, the mainstream media tries and put the blame on Russia themselves, exactly as I wrote in my coverage.

Nord Stream 2 Allegedly Blows Up and Nord Stream 1 is Said to Have Leaks as Well

Both of the camps have their heads up their asses though, as always. The question should never be, ‘who did it?’, because if you understand the world, you already know. The world is a stage. Everything that happens and get full coverage in the mainstream news is scripted! It’s done or fabricated by those in power, at the top of the power pyramid. And all countries, all the presidents and governments simply do what they are told. Ukraine vs. Russia, the left vs. the right, the U.S. and NATO trying to meddle, it’s all smoke and mirrors, all theatre, it’s all fake! It’s simply an act to shape your belief system.

So, we already, with high certainty, know ‘who did it.’ Now, whenever something gets big coverage in the media, whether it be a shooting, a sabotage, or as in this case leaks, the question you should be asking is ‘what happened,’ because ‘it,’ has not been established as a factual event. It’s only a story presented by the lamestream media who are lying to you 24/7. To assume or believe the premise established by the initial media reports of any event is to build on a foundation of hearsay. Actually, that question should be rephrased as ‘did it happen at all?’ Because we know that it’s all theatre and part of their games, rituals, and agendas.

This is important because Controlled Opposition and Shills are always telling you that mainstream media is lying and doing the bidding of the government, but at the same time they run with their stories as if they actually happened, they simply flip the narrative to lure those in who know that the media is lying or twisting the truth. That is the purpose of alternative media. They reinforce each other. These alternative explanations put out by controlled opposition and alternative media are there to protect the mainstream medias version’s central premise that “IT” happened – that what they report on is real.

In this case with the Nord Stream pipelines, alternative media point at Joe Biden and the U.S., which simply reinforce the story that ‘it’ happened and that ‘it’ was a sabotage. And all the lukewarm truthers sheepishly follow along by focusing on ‘who did it?’, again reinforcing the idea that there are always two sides fighting each other, cleverly hiding the fact that there are no sides, that they are all controlled by the same hand, that they are simply following a script to keep the masses distracted while they implement their agendas in the shadows.

Instead, if you understand these basics, just skip ahead and ask the question, ‘why do they tell us that this happened?’

Again, if you understand that the world is simply a stage and that presidents and governments follow a script, then we know that all these big events have some kind of meaning, that they are and will be used to further whatever agendas they are working on. At times it can be as simple as to keep you distracted as something else of importance is taking place, or to create opinions and division, to instill irrational fear of different events and outcomes, to get leverage for new tyrannical laws, and most importantly, to program you with a false view, a false reality of the world which they control.

And we know about Agenda 2030 and we can clearly see how all this fits into what has been happening for the last couple of years, and where they want to take us with Agenda 2030. I covered this in my first article about the North Stream pipelines, and I cover Agenda 2030 here:

What Exactly is Agenda 2030, The Great Reset, The New World Order?

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