1-Million-Year-Old Human Skull Allegedly Discovered in China

On the last day of September, CNN publishes a story about Chinese “archaeologists” discovering a “miraculously preserved 1-million-year-old human skull.” The date is very important, as we will get to, however the story is that they previously found two other ‘damaged’ Homo erectus skulls at the same location back in 1989 and 1990. So, with such success back in 1990, why did they not find this “preserved” skull sooner than in September of 2022? Did they take a 32-year tea break? Well, I guess they had their reasons. Faking all these discoveries can be a tough job.

Now, this little story is presented in a video format no more than exactly 1:02 minutes in length. Yes, 102, like the Jesuit 201 backwards. That was the easily spotted clue. The real riddle is within the date.

The purpose of these fake discoveries is to rewrite and shape our history as they see fit. In this case, to strengthen the theory of evolution and that the Earth is million of years old. This, of course, conflicts with spiritual beliefs as well as with common sense, and that is important to understand if you want to solve the riddle of this ritual.

September 30, or 9/30, gives us the very large number of 930. If you know your bible, and you should as that is what they twist and use against humanity and to mock us, then you also know that the Christian section of the Bible begins with the 930th chapter, as the Old Testament is 929 chapters long.

And, as we know, the Bible is fully coded in gematria, and we can easily verify this by looking at the English Sumerian cipher.

Christianity = 930

And, of course, this discovery to mock Christianity and to validate their fake history, was of a skull from what they call ‘Homo Erectus.”

Homo Erectus = 930
Freemasons = 930

Yes, we know that the pseudoscience of ‘archaeology’ was founded, and is controlled by Freemasons. And I bet they all are properly “erected” after this joke of a skull from their invention of the ‘Homo Erectus.’ While the gullible sleeping sheep interpret it as the first human to stand up on two legs, as in “upright man,” the Freemasons surely thought of something completely different, hence the ‘homo’ part for their nerdspeak of modern humans.

And to make this ritual and fake story even more relevant, they timed it perfectly with the date, as September 30 also left 92-days remaining in the year.

Homo Erectus = 92
Freemasons = 92

Also, September 30 has a date-numerology of 61.
9/30/22 = 9 + 30 + 22 = 61

Homo Erectus = 61
Freemasons = 61

And why a skull and not a femur or a rib? Well, skulls are cool, innit? Just ask the freemasons within Skull and Bones, the Freemasonic HQ of Northern America, once created by the Order of Illuminati and the Jesuit Order.
Also, September 30 has a 108-date numerology.
9/30/22 = 9/3/22 = 9 x 3 x 2 x 2 = 108

1-Million-Year-Old Human Skull = 108
The Order of Illuminati = 108
Jesuit Order = 108
Skull and Bones Freemasonry = 108
The Masons = 108

Still think that running this fake story on September 30 was a ‘coincidence?’

And it being “1-million-year-old,” not only make it fit with the coding above, it also fits with the mockery. Remember, the date of 9/30, as in 930, is the chapter in the bible where the New Testament begins.

1-Million-Year-Old = 165
New Testament = 165
Scottish Rite = 165 (as in Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the order with 33 degrees)

And, no mocking ritual can be complete without their hoax-code of ’56.’ Remember, this alleged skull was found in ‘Inland Eurasia.’

Inland Eurasia = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)
Homo Erectus = 56 (there we go again)
Freemasons = 56

Such vile Freemasonic scum. Don’t be fooled.

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