Thank you for being curious!

I want to thank everyone who likes and comments on my posts and to those hundreds of you who write personal messages thanking me for speaking out about our world and how most of what we thought we knew were wrong. Especially about this fake CONvid-1984 nonsense, the dangers of useless vaccines and face diapers, but also about health, nutrition, our Natural Law and everything else I write about. It makes it all worthwhile. And the likes have increased, even though Facebook try to hide anything about the real world, about the real truth, and that is a good sign. More and more people are waking up, looking for breadcrumbs and seeking out likeminded individuals.

I’ve been in the “truther business” for a long time. My grandfather showed me in 1998 that TV and the News were only theatre to control the sleeping masses. That almost every breaking news story was fake, all big events were false flags or psy-ops. That same year, I stopped watching TV, stopped listening to the radio and stopped reading newspapers. He also showed me old encyclopedias and history books from the previous century and how they had changed our history compared to the crap I was taught in school. Since then, I’ve been on a journey down the rabbit hole.

In the past, I was afraid to share what I found. Mostly because I was scared it would ruin my reputation within the fitness-, health- and medical industry. So I kept that part of my almost daily research within a small circle more or less until I got severely ill in 2017 and almost died in early 2018. When I discovered the terrain theory and the animal-based diet in February of 2018 and healed my tumors and failing organs within a few months, I was looking back from the darkest and scariest point in my life and something changed. I no longer cared about what people would think. I needed to speak my truth, the truth I acquired from 20+ years of research and speaking with hundreds of high officials from all over the world. I needed to put it out there – only to just plant some seeds. Sure, I have lost some ‘friends’, but I’ve gained a lot of new ones. And some of those who cannot handle the information will eventually wake up and come back, and then they will be grateful that I once planted that seed. They always do and they always are.

And no, I don’t know everything and I never will. But I do know more than most. I’ve been around the block more times than you can count and all my previous work has put me in contact with many interesting people, documents, and books. I might not be 100 % correct all the time, but I only write about things I’ve researched for a long time and all I want is to get people involved, to get them to start looking, to start asking questions. I’m still working on re-writing and adding tons of material to “My Story”, the biography with focus on my illness and recovery that I first wrote during 2019 and early 2020. It will be available during late summer or early autumn for those who would like to know more about me, my journey and especially about the terrain theory and our species appropriate diet.
It will be available as a “pay what you think it is worth” kind of deal. If you want to sponsor my work, you can pay whatever you like. If you’re only curious, you can get if for a dollar or so.
Thank you for reading. I love you all!

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