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How Should the World be Run? What Can We Do?

One of my life missions is to expose the lies and the deceit in our world; to show you what is really going on. What you take from that information and what you believe is up to you. All I want is that you break free from the programming, the indoctrination, the illusion and start asking questions, start researching, and start thinking for yourself instead of being a zombified sheep and relying on what …

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Banned for 30-days on Facebook Again For Exposing Lies

Ah, look at this, we have some soy-boy sheeple crying, bleating and reporting posts again. How sad. How truly sad that ‘people’ like that exist in this day and age. If you can’t handle the truth, just go to your little satanic safe-zone in front of the tell-a-lie-vision. You’re obviously not ready for the real world yet. This simply means that if you post comments or tag me on Facebook, I will not be …

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You’re Mean and Condescending

Yes, and you’re welcome snowflake!Being in your face when uncovering lies, revealing truths and showing you how the world actually works is simply a writing tactic. It’s one of many styles I use to get the message across. Simply laying out facts and trying to be like a mentor will not grab anyone’s interest unless they are really into the topic. Instead, by invoking some emotions and kicking that ego a little bit, I …

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Banned Another 30-days on Facebook for Exposing Lies!

I just got another 30-days Facebook ban for exposing lies (and a shadow ban for 90 + 59 days.) They are really desperate! If you want daily top-notch information, to take part in discussions or ask questions about pretty much anything, please join us at Ungovernable.se — the best truth community out there. And now I get even more time to put into it!

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