How Should the World be Run? What Can We Do?

One of my life missions is to expose the lies and the deceit in our world; to show you what is really going on. What you take from that information and what you believe is up to you. All I want is that you break free from the programming, the indoctrination, the illusion and start asking questions, start researching, and start thinking for yourself instead of being a zombified sheep and relying on what […]

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How I lead my life

How I lead my life Part 1: the daily structure and my rules for living by Joachim Bartoll, January 1, 2016Classic Muscle Newsletter, March 2016 (issue #18) Over the last year, I’ve got dozens of questions about how I structure my days and if I have any valuable tips and strategies to keep productive, lean, healthy and fit in my forties.So, I decided to make a little series about the structure of my typical

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