More Covid-19 Propaganda and the Targeting of Children

After weeks of small pandemic-propaganda bits during August, on the first of September, as in 1/9 (19,) we had a silly media Covid-19 ritual, claiming huge increased in “cases” within the United States, and the possibility of a new “wave.”Here in little Sweden, the media has been pushing the propaganda in small dosages almost every single day. In late August, the pseudoscience-based and extremely evil Swedish Public Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten,) happily reported that a …

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Putin’s “Satan 2” is Fake

Once again, they’re bringing back fear and trauma that has been programmed into the sheepish masses for decades – that of nuclear weapons and the “atom bomb.” Last year, when they began the Hollywood CGI-production of the fake and staged war in Ukraine, they reinforced the programming with headlines such as, “Putin Rattles his Satan II Nuclear Saber.” Then, this year, we had the silly movie ‘Oppenheimer’ released in July, once again reminding the …

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