Delta Variant Hoax

The Covid-19 Delta Variant – to Accelerate the push of Vaccines onto Children.

Also to mock you with being asleep, as in “Delta Waves” (see further down)

Why did they name the new ‘hoaxy’ “super spreader” Indian mutation (B.1.617.2) of an imaginary virus to “Delta”? And what is the agenda behind it – more than keeping the lie alive?
Gematria will show you the connections…

Delta mutation: 155, 79
Corona Virus: 155
Novel Coronavirus: 79
Society of Jesus: 79

Delta Covid-19 variant: 82
Coronavirus Disease: 82
Covid: 82
Eliminate Humanity: 82
Ordo ab Chao: 82
Order 322: 82
Sun God: 82

Delta Covid-19 variant: 118
Covid pandemic: 118
Great Reset: 118
Predictive Programming: 118

Delta Variant: 46
Virus: 46
Catholic: 46
Deception: 46
Great Reset: 46
mRNA: 46
Ordo ab Chao: 46
WHO: 46
Delta Variant: 80
Covid-19 Vaccine: 80
Sun God: 80

Delta: 42, 30
Vaccine: 42, 30
Fabricated: 42
Freemason: 42
Jesuit: 42
Corona: 30
Planned: 30

“B.1.617.2”: 19 (as in Covid-19)
Chaos: 19
Lie: 19

“B.1.617.2”: 42
Fabricated: 42
Freemason: 42
Jesuit: 42

“B.1.617.2”: 24
Event 201: 24

The full name Lineage “B.1.617.2” has 617 as a lineage identifier. 617 is the 113th prime number. Where have we seen 113 before? Yes, 11/3 as in March 11, 2020 when Corona was declared a pandemic. And it gets better.

Coronavirus pandemic: 113 (Rev Red), 220 (Eng Ord)
That can be read as 11/3, 2020… The day it was declared is coded into the name.

Also, lineage “B.1.617.2” has 72 in it.

“Lineage B.1.617.2”: 72 (Eng Ord)
Covid 19: 72 (Eng Ord)

Lineage B.1.617.2 has a Reverse Ordinal gematria of 178
The 178th prime number is 1061.
Delta Variant: 1061 (Jewish)

Also, this is very important as this is the mockery ritual-part of this fabricated lie.

Delta: 93
Delta Wave: 93
Wuhan Coronavirus: 93
Propaganda: 93
It is all Fake: 93

Delta as in Delta Wave, as in brain waves experienced while sleeping. We know that you enter a “hypnotic state”, almost sleeping state, while watching TV, where you are programmable (as in TV Program – Tell-a-Vision Programming).
The message here is that they call it “Delta Variant” because of the Delta Wave. The masses are sleeping, easily programmed by propaganda. It’s just a joke for them.

And yes, “sleeping” is 39 in Reverse Full Reduction, the reflection of 93!
Sleeping: 39
Dozing: 39

And in Sweden, it apparently popped up in Värmland according to Värmlands smittskyddsläkare ‘Ingemar Hallén’.

Värmland: 30, 42
Delta: 30, 42
“B.1.617.2”: 42

See any common threads? Yes, all scripted as always. There is no virus, no mutations or variants, and there is no pandemic. It’s a big LIE.

And why do they say that the “Delta Variant” is more contagious, that it’s spreading faster? It’s of course pure fiction, since viruses does not exist. But the plan is to vaccinate and thus sterilize and maim children, as part of the depopulation agenda. What better way to push that evil agenda than a “super spreader” variant/mutation?

Vaccinate Children: 79
Delta Mutation: 79

Vaccinate Kids: 49
Delta Mutation: 49 (Septenary), 49 (Chaldean)

Children: 46, 44
Delta Variant: 46
Delta Variant: 44 (Jew Red), 44 (Septenary)

Young: 82
Delta Covid-19 Variant: 82, 82 (Jew Red)

Youngster: 99
Delta Vaccination: 99

Infant: 64
Indian variant: 64

And this is important! The Delta Variant is the Vaccine – the Purge!
People getting sick and dying from the vaccine is blamed on the fabricated non-existent Delta variant. The vaccine is the purge. There is no pandemic, but we do have a #vaxdemic!

Delta Variant: 127, 80
Viral Pandemic: 127, 80
The First Purge: 80
The Purge: 80
Covid-19 Vaccine: 80

Delta Variant: 46
The Purge: 46
mRNA: 46
Virus: 46

Delta Coronavirus: 197
Delta Variant: 197

Delta Coronavirus: 71
The First Purge: 71
Silent Weapons: 71

Delta Coronavirus: 100
The Purge: 100

And some cipher hits in Swedish, as most words in Swedish are built after the English equivalent with one or two matching ciphers.

Barn: 73
Indiska Mutationen: 73
Children: 73

Vaccinera barn: 57, 111, 240, 87
Deltamutationen: 57, 87
Indian: 111
Coronavirus Variant: 240, 87

Vaccinera yngre: 73, 80
Indiska mutationen: 73
Delta variant: 80

Vaccinera barnen: 67
Indiska: 67
Delta Virus: 67

Barnvaccin: 87, 42, 66
Vaccinera barn: 87
Coronavirus Variant: 87
Delta: 42
B.1.617.2: 42
Värmland: 42
Ingemar Hallén: 66

Vaccinera unga: 79
Deltamutation: 79

Vaccinera dem unga: 93
Delta: 93

Vaccinate the Innocent: 88, 335
Värmlands smittskyddsläkare: 88, 335
Hallén: 88

Yes, expect them to use these newly invented variants/mutations to push the vaccine onto our young ones. The next one will most likely be called Lambda. The Lambda character (/\) is pyramid-shaped, just like Delta…
Lambda Variant: 118, 233
Covid Pandemic: 118, 233

So, vaccination for your children? Just tell them the hell NO!

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