Fake Delta Plus Variant

More CONrona Virus Nonsense – Delta Plus is coming for you!

Beta males (mask wearers), Gamma (3) Freemasons, Indian Delta variants, and now a new variant of a variant – Delta Plus Coronavirus, like a frikkin’ membership PLUS card for Delta Air Lines.

How stupid and gullible do you have to be to buy into this crap? Are there still braindead sheep who think there is a pandemic?
Seriously folks, no virus has ever been isolated or proven to exist outside of a living organism or to be contagious. The Corona strain or the Covid-19 has NEVER been isolated or proven to exist. THIS IS FACT! We have statements from more than 70 health organizations around the world who admit this.
This simple fact also means that there is no way to test for this imaginary virus and there is no way to identify imaginary variants. It’s all fake, all a big lie. Same with vaccines, just a big money grab and a way to thin out the herd. That is simple biology and science. Anything else is pseudoscience – just as virology has been proven time and time again to be pseudoscience. And we know that the “Delta Variant” is simply a cover for the injuries and deaths of the vaccines! #vaxdemic

So, for a good laugh, let us look at this new unicorn and decode this silliness using Gematria – their way to communicate, cast spells and shape their reality – just as God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.

Delta Plus Coronavirus: 265
Enslaved Population: 265
World Health Organization: 265 (Jew Ord)
Delta Plus Coronavirus: 275
Six hundred Sixty-Six: 275
World Health Organization: 275

Delta Plus Coronavirus: 85
Duped: 85
Fake: 85
One World Government: 85

Delta Plus Coronavirus: 122
World Health Organization: 122
Soulless: 122
Silent War: 122
Satanic: 122

Yes, three out of four ciphers. Like winning the lottery three times out of four.
Delta Plus Coronavirus: 265, 275, 122
World Health Organization: 265, 275, 122

Delta Plus: 110
Psy-Ops: 110
Quiet Wars: 110

Delta Plus: 29
AY.1: 29
Baal: 29
NWO (New World Order): 29
Psy-Ops: 29
Zombie: 29

Delta Plus: 133
Agenda 21: 133
Quiet Wars: 133
Wuhan Corona: 133
Inoculation: 133

Delta Plus: 52
Covid Virus: 52
Gematria: 52
Inoculation: 52
NWO: 52
Psy-Ops: 52
Wuhan Corona: 52

Wow, just wow! So many multiple matches. The organic chance for that is impossible. This is very cleverly coded.

Delta Plus: 110, 29, 133, 52
Psy-Ops: 110, 29, 52
Quiet Wars: 110, 133
NWO: 29, 52
Inoculation: 133, 52

The full name Lineage for “Delta Plus” is “B.1.617.2.1” and has 617 as a lineage identifier. 617 is the 113th prime number. Where have we seen 113 before? Yes, 11/3 as in March 11, 2020 when Corona was declared a pandemic. And it gets better.

Coronavirus pandemic: 113 (Rev Red), 220 (Eng Ord)
That can be read as 11/3, 2020… The day it was declared is coded into the name.

Also, lineage “B.1.617.2” for the original Delta has 72 in it.

“Lineage B.1.617.2”: 72 (Eng Ord)
Covid 19: 72 (Eng Ord)

“Lineage B.1.617.2” has a Reverse Ordinal gematria of 178
The 178th prime number is 1061.
Delta Variant: 1061 (Jewish)

The ‘silent wars’ and ‘quiet wars’ are hints to their old scheme, i.e., World War 3, to wage war on the population without them knowing it, through brainwashing, propaganda, pollution, misinformation, fast food, vaccines, and so on to reach their agenda of a manageable population (through depopulation) and a new One World Government (New World Order.) This fake pandemic is a very important step towards this. They know that there is no contagion in nature, but generations of brainwashed people will fall for anything they make up – and now they are committing suicide willingly by taking the depopulation vaccine. And all these fantasy variants are made up just to push the vaccines, the inoculation. There is no pandemic, but we do have a #Vaxdemic!

And what about their fantasy name “B.1.617.2.1”, which supposedly is Delta Plus…

B.1.617.2.1: 20, 20, 43, 25
Death: 20, 25
RIP: 20, 43, 25
Pandemic: 43
Medical: 43
Killing: 43
Quiet Wars: 43
Psy-Ops: 25

And there you go again. Three matches on ‘RIP’ (Rest in Peace), two on ‘Death’ and again on ‘Psy-Ops’ and ‘Quiet Wars’. This is impossible without clever coding.

Or “AY.1”?

AY.1: 27, 29, 11
Event 201: 27
The Flu: 27
Lies: 27
Baal: 29
Medical: 29
NWO: 29, 11
Psy-Ops: 29

Are you still sleeping?

Earlier post about the fake Delta Variant and the push of vaccines onto children:

Link to all the reports that Covid-19 never has been isolated or proven to exist:
Freedom of Information Act! Extremely Important! No Virus has ever been isolated or proven to exist! https://www.facebook.com/joachim.bartoll/posts/10158111557965003

The Scientology Ron Hubbard connection. Thank you, Hamish, for finding this.

Rob Hubbard founded ‘Dianetics’, which he illustrated as the Delta letter from the Greek alphabet.
Definition: The word Dianetics comes from the Greek dia, meaning “through” and nous, meaning “soul”, and is defined as “what the soul is doing to the body.”
Dianetics is a methodology which can help alleviate unwanted sensations and emotions, irrational fears and psychosomatic illnesses (illnesses caused or aggravated by mental stress). It is most accurately described as what the soul is doing to the body through the mind.

In other words, they are trying to hijack souls.

This connection can be verified through Gematria.

Hubbard: 29, 133, 43
AY.1: 29
Delta Plus: 29, 133
B.1.617.2.1: 43

Matches on all three ’names’ for Delta Plus. Impossible to get organic. Very much coded.

And, just a reminder! The Delta Variant is the Vaccine – the Purge

People getting sick and dying from the vaccine is blamed on the fabricated non-existent Delta variant. The vaccine is the purge.

Delta Variant: 127, 80
Viral Pandemic: 127, 80
The First Purge: 80
The Purge: 80
Covid-19 Vaccine: 80

Delta Variant: 46
The Purge: 46
mRNA: 46
Virus: 46

Delta Coronavirus: 197
Delta Variant: 197

Delta Coronavirus: 71
The First Purge: 71
Silent Weapons: 71

Delta Coronavirus: 100
The Purge: 100

And remember, as I mentioned in my first post about Delta, the next variant will most likely be called Lambda. The Lambda character (/\) is pyramid-shaped, just like Delta…

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