Even more fake news

Even more Virus and Vaccine CON-nonsense

It should be obvious that all these fantasy variants, whom very conveniently surfaced after the depopulation vaccination started, are just that – a cover for side effects and deaths from the vaccine. And of course, a clever way to continue to push those killer jabs. This is why stupid stories like this one surfaces almost daily now. Let us look at this nonsense using Gematria – their way to communicate, cast spells and shape their reality – just as God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.

Headline reads:
“Some fully vaccinated people may still get sick if exposed to variants, CDC warns”

Yes, of course. Come on you useless eater, you little sheep, go and get your third or fourth shot – and better get ready for the fifth and sixth when they invent the next version of a variant that has a cousin that broke out of Arkham Asylum in Gotham City. Batman swears, it did not come from bats!

Story broke on June 26, 2021 = 6/26/2021 = 6+26+2+0+2+1 = 37
Vaccinated: 37
India (the alleged origin of Delta): 37
Virus: 37
Agenda 2030: 37
Deceive: 37
Divide: 37
The Jesuits: 37

Story broke on June 26, 2021 = 6/26 = 6+26 = 32
Variants: 32
Clade X: 32

Look at that, the two most important keywords, “vaccinated” and “variants” are coded with the date and they match with other words that fit their narrative perfectly. The Delta virus variant is allegedly from India and can still make vaccinated sick, and the story’s purpose is to deceive and divide people as part of the bigger picture, Agenda 2030. And again, they pay tribute to the ‘Clade X’ simulation they did exactly 666 days before Covid-19 was declared a pandemic by the CDC. Everything by the numbers!

The video description reads:
“Officials blame Delta variant for Covid-19 surge in Missouri”

Story broke on June 26, 2021 = 6/26/2021 = 6+26+2+0+2+1 = 37
Delta Variant: 37 (Chaldean)
Indian Variant: 37 (Chaldean)
Vaccinated: 37

Covid-19 surge: 133, 61
Wuhan Corona: 133
Agenda 21: 133
Quiet Wars: 133
Inoculation: 133
Mind Control: 61
Pandemic Plot: 61
Enslaved People: 61
The Great Reset: 61

The whole narrative coded into the phrase “Covid-19 Surge”. It surged out of Wuhan as part of Agenda 21 (and 2030), waging the quiet wars of mind control with a made-up pandemic plot on an unsuspected population, forcing inoculation on the enslaved people to usher in The Great Reset (One World Government – The New World Order.)
I have to admit, they are really good at this!

Missouri: 123, 42, 93, 57
Fear Propaganda: 123
Delta: 42, 93
Fabricated: 42
Jesuit: 42
Vaccine: 57
World Fooled: 57

And the city of choice for this story, Missouri, ties it together. Double match with Delta and – all it is, is ‘fear propaganda’ and ‘fabricated lies,’ fooling the world to take the vaccines, all orchestrated by the Jesuits.

Note that it says; Missouri Delta Variant makes up 93% of all cases…
Missouri: 93
Delta: 93

And that the text on the video says, “Hospitalizations in up 225% since early June”… “in up”? They deliberately left out Missouri. Why?
Hospitalizations in up 225%: 123
Missouri: 123

Hospitalizations in up 225%: 111
Early June: 111

Only way to get their Gematria to work in that sentence, that’s why.
And why 225%?

The New World Order: 225

So, how long will you follow the herd? The world is a stage, everything is scripted and it reads even worse than a comic book in 2021. Waking up yet?

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