Building Collapse

Apartment/Condo Block Collapses in Miami by the Numbers

1 dead, 51 unaccounted for, after apartment block collapses.
Now 99 unaccounted for – see update at bottom.

Quick Gematria on this ‘collapse’:
This happened on June 24, 2021.
6/24/21 = 6+24+21 = 51

Fifty-one = 35 (Rev Full Red.)
6/24/2021 = 6+24+2+0+2+1 = 35

51 unaccounted: 46 (Full Red)
Fifty-one: 46 (Full Red)

1 dead, 51 unaccounted for, can be written as 151
Jesus Christ: 151

Also, 151 is the 36th Prime Number. This is important as the story develops.
Donald Trump: 36 (Septenary)
Yes, Donald Trump will be coded into every update of this story…

June 24 is the 304th birthday of Freemasonry, established June 24, 1717 in London. The ‘masons’ are ‘builders’
6/24/2021 = 6+2+4+2+0+2+1 = 17, double match for 1717
Mason: 17

Happened near Miami, one death has been confirmed they say…
One Death: 36
Confirmed: 51
Conspiracy: 51
Miami: 36

It’s also St. John’s Day, John as in John McAfee, who had condos at this building complex. Remember, 151 is the 36th Prime.
St. John’s Day: 36
Structural: 36
Condo Collapse: 36 (Septenary)
Miami: 36
Jupiter: 36
Miami is named after Jupiter.

6/24/20/21 = 6+24+20+21 = 71
Building Collapse: 71

Governor says, “braced for bad news”.
Governor: 51
Braced for bad news: 68
Bad News: 68
Braced for: 45
Miami: 45
Braced: 39
Governor: 39
Braced: 33
One Death: 33 (Jew Red)

This happened 83 days before the Governor Ron DeSantis’ birthday (September 14).
Collapse: 83
Brotherhood of Death: 83
Warlock: 83
Note: Donald Trump is known as the ‘Warlock of D.C.’ It will be coded again later in this story.

This happened at Surfside in Florida.
The town of Surfside, Florida, was founded on May 18, the 138th day of the year.
The building collapse occurred 38 days after May 18, the day of the foundation.
Collapse: 38
Surfside: 38


It’s now ‘99’ people unaccounted for. Such an odd number. How come?
Controlled Demolition: 99
Direct Energy Weapon: 99
Miami: 99 (English Extended)
Jupiter: 99

And there is always a Trump connection when it comes to buildings. On June 24, Trump was exactly 900 months and 9 days old = 99.

This collapse happened at exactly 1:30, the 90th minute of the day.
Miami: 90
Jupiter: 90

6/25/2021 = 6+25+2+0+2+1 = 36
Jupiter: 36
IHS (Seal of the Jesuits): 36

Second update!

99 Still missing… They continue to throw that ‘99’ in our face.

99 Still missing: 99 (Rev Full Red.)
That phrase is 99 in Reverse Full Reduction, the most important cipher.

6/25/20/21 = 6+25+20+21 = 72
99 Still missing: 72 (Full Red.)
Even today’s date matches that phrase. They do put some work in!

Condo Collapse: 53
Collins Avenue: 53
Demolition: 53

This demolition, using airborne direct energy weapons, was very much planned and the reporting are using made-up numbers to get the right coding, using Gematria. Since John McAfee, who allegedly died the day before, had condos in this complex, it is a very interesting story indeed.

Link: Story about John McAfee


Now they claim that “at least four people have died.”
This is interesting, since you usually use numbers if the number is below 7, as in “4 people”, but they spelled it out this time…

Four People Died: 151
Jesus Christ: 151
Same as the first “1 dead, 51 unaccounted for” 1+51 = 151.
Power Outage: 151
The New World Order: 151
Hinting at things to come?

Four People Died: 79
Directed Energy: 79
Knights Templar: 79
Murder: 79
Society of Jesus: 79
Hinting on those behind that controlled demolition using direct energy weapons perhaps…

Four People Died: 65
June 25: 65
Knights Templar: 65
Terrorist: 65
More of the same, and will they blame it on terrorism?

Four People Dead: 71, 64
Building Collapse: 71
Condo Collapse: 64
They do stick to the narrative.

Update! Now 159…

And the mocking continues. People have died and people are missing after they did this controlled demolition, and they just make things up as they go to match their rituals and messages.
Now they claim that 159 people are missing, or, unaccounted for.

Remember when they said ‘99’ were missing and I decoded Donald Trump?
“On June 24, Trump was exactly 900 months and 9 days old = 99.”

They continue with this tribute to their own little Jesuit puppet/actor.
159 people…
Donald Trump: 159 (Reverse Ordinal)

And remember that this happened on the anniversary of Freemasonry?
Scottish Rite: 159 (Reverse Ordinal)

Scottish Rite Freemasonry is the order that have a 33rd degree, what Master Masons call “The University of Freemasonry”, which usually include the 4th to the 32nd degree.

And once again they hint at…

Power Outages: 159

Edit: They claim the collapse is natural from “spalling”. The alleged experts interviewed are called Greg Batista and Kit Miyamoto (like the famous “Musashi Miyamoto or the Miyamoto structural engineering firm.)

6/25/2021 = 6+25+2+0+2+1 = 36
Spalling: 36

Greg Batista: 71, 46
Four People Dead: 71
Building Collapse: 71
99 still missing: 71 (Septenary)
Four Died: 46

Kit Miyamoto: 151, 52, 65
Four People Died: 151
99 still missing: 52 (Chaldean)
6/25/21 = 6+25+21 = 52
Four people died: 65
June 25: 65

Another update to the story by CNN. The mockery of the public continues.

They updated the story with a new headline at 00:17 (1+7) = 8 or at 08:17 HKT = 8:(1+7) = 88
Trump: 88
Masonic Ritual: 88
Staged Media: 88

Again, a tribute to Trump and to the Freemasons as they celebrated their birthday on the day of the collapse.

And, more importantly, the two timestamps read as ‘888’, which is Jesus (Ιησουϛ) = 888. Remember, the first breaking headline was “1 dead, 51 missing” which is 151 as in Jesus Christ = 151. Since this is a satanic Sun God worship ritual, coding Jesus is pure mockery and that is what they thrive on.

New headline reads:
“Mystery of what caused South Florida condo collapse deepens”
Another forced headline to get the numbers and messages they want.

Headline breaks on June 26: 6/26/2021 = 6+26+2+0+2+1 = 37
Mystery: 37

South Florida: 148, 58, 176
Destruction: 148, 68
Energy Weapon: 148, 176
Collins Avenue: 148 (Jew Red), 58 (Jew Red)
Partial Building: 148 (Jew Red)
Building Collapse: 58 (Chaldean)

Remember, only a part of the building collapsed at Collins Avenue in South Florida in a controlled destruction by energy weapons.

South Florida condo collapse: 282, 111
Trump: 282 (Rev Eng Sumerian)
Warlock of D.C.: 111
Witchcraft: 111
Temple of Ra: 111
Psychological Operation: 111

This is relevant if you know a little about Trump, who is also known as the “Warlock of D.C.” and it hints back to a ritual and a Psy-Op.

South Florida condo collapse deepens: 163
Satan Worship: 163
Sun God Worship: 163

Condo Collapse = CC = 33, another tribute to the Freemasons.
Headline changed on June 26: 6/26/21 = 6+26+21 = 53
Condo Collapse: 53 (Full Reduction)

Condo Collapse: 134, 64
Four Died: 134 Four People Dead: 64

And, how come the public is so easily fooled by these increasing numbers? If a building collapses, you know exactly how many people who lives in these apartments. You only have to do an address lookup. So, as the story breaks, everyone who lives there should be ‘unaccounted for’ or ‘missing’. And as the story progresses, and you can get hold of people or find them dead, the number of missing people should go down! It should not slowly increase just to fit their numbers, their coding and agenda. Wake up people! Remember everything on the news are theatre to fit their narrative. But this kind of backwards reporting should be obvious!

New update!

Update on June 27, 2021

“At least nine people are dead”

6/27/2021 = 6+27+2+0+2+1 = 38
At least nine dead: 38
Nine dead: 38

6/27/21 = 6+27+21 = 54
Nine dead: 54 (Jew Ord)

6/27/20/21 = 6+27+20+21 = 74
9 people: 74 (Jew Ord)
9 people are dead: 74 (Chaldean)

“after partial building collapse near Miami”, says “Daniella Levine Cava”

6/27/20/21 = 6+27+20+21 = 74
Partial building: 74

Near Miami: 160
Nine Dead; 160

6/27/21 = 6+27+21 = 54
Daniella Levine Cava: 54 (Septenary)
Daniella Levine Cava: 71
Nine people dead: 71

6/27 = 6+27 = 33
Levine Cava: 33 (Septenary)

Cava: 27
Miami: 27

And… The headline reads:

“At least 9 dead after partial building collapse near Miami”, which is 211 in Full Reduction. 211 is the 47th prime, the degrees on the Freemasonic compass and the reflection of 74. 6/27/20/21 = 6+27+20+21 = 74
It is also 311 in Reverse Full Reduction. 311 is the 64th prime.
Nine People Dead: 64

They really run this story by the numbers. Every frikkin’ update!

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