Fake Sperm Study

Sperm Count Not Harmed by Covid-19 Vaccine, Study Claims as They Deceive You by the Numbers

Anyone who is at least mildly awake should know that almost everything put out by “authorities” and the mainstream media is the exact opposite of the truth.

This talk of infertility and sterilizations has been going on for a very long time, especially after the discussions about shedding. And we know they have a depopulation Agenda as part of Agenda 21 and 2030. This has been covered by the Depopulation Agenda Post – and vaccines are a big part of it, not only by killing people, but making them sterile, especially the younger population.
So, why did this story pop up on June 17? And what is the real truth? Let’s use their language of Gematria to decode this alleged study and story.

June 17, 2021 = 6/17/20/21 = 6+17+20+21 = 64
June 17, 2021 = 6/17/20/21 = 6+17+(2+0+2+1) = 28

Sperm: 64, 28
Kill: 64, 28
Infant: 64, 28
Vigor: 64
Potency: 28
Young: 28
Enslaved: 28
Study: 28
Agenda 2030: 28

The date is a double match with ‘sperm’, so they just had to manufacture this story for that day. And who are they trying to target now for vaccination? Yes, the young and even the infants. Maiming, sterilizing, enslaving, removing their potency and vigor, and even killing some of them, all according to UN’s Agenda 21 and 2030.

First paragraph:
“If you are a man who has hesitated to get the Covid-19 vaccine due to concerns spread on social media that the vaccine may harm fertility, take heart.”

Notice the phrase, “harm fertility”, and how it matches up with their agenda:

Harm Fertility: 79
Semen: 79
Vaccinate Children: 79

They say the vaccine is safe for young males, that sperm count and quality won’t drop. But what are they really saying?
This Story broke on June 17, 2021.
June 17, 2021 = 6/17/21 = 6+17+21 = 44

Deception: 44
Enslaved: 44
Kill: 44
Fertility: 44 (Septenary)

And why did they use the silly wording “take heart” to end their sentence?

Take Heart: 35, 55
Deceive: 35
Lie: 55
Infertile: 55
Potency: 35
Vigor: 35
Infant: 35

And also…

Agenda 21: 35
Catholic: 35
WHO: 35
Disempower: 55
Satan: 55
Satan Worship: 55
Silent Weapons: 55

Yes, the story is pure deception – a lie. The agenda is very clear, the date of the story and the statement now have three matches for ‘kill’ and two for ‘enslaved’, ‘potency’ and ‘vigor’, and it matches both Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and ‘infertile’. And WHO will surely make this statement, backed by the Catholic Church (the Jesuits.)

The spokesman of this alleged ”study” was Dr. David Cohen.

Dr. David Cohen: 217, 107, 64, 62
Coronavirus Disease: 217
Covid-19 Vaccination: 107
Sperm: 64
Covid Pandemic: 64
Sterilized: 62
Covid-19 Virus: 62
mRNA: 62
The Jesuits: 62

Cohen: 45
Sperm Count: 45

What a perfect name for this alleged study and the story! ‘64’ is a match with the date as well. It’s almost like they made it all up. Oh wait, they did.
And guess how many participants there were in the alleged study, yes, 45!

Sperm Count: 45
Deceivers: 45
Lies: 45
Vision 2050: 45

If you don’t know, “Vision 2050” (“The Sustainable Development Platform”) is the next step after Agenda 2030, where they want a total population of 1 billion, where 500 million run the world, and 500 million are workers (slaves.) Of course, they do not say this directly, you have to read between the lines as the mention a “manageable” world population in accordance to resources. You can only get there by heavy depopulation and sterilization, making most young men and women infertile.

Another alleged professor speaking about the study is Allan Pacey.

Allan Pacey: 90, 54
Cohen: 90
Sperm Count: 54

What a coincidence their named matches up so well! Oh wait, it’s scripted by the numbers. So, of course they match up!
And what title did this Alan supposedly have? Oh yes, “professor of andrology.”

Professor of andrology: 110
Sperm Study: 110
Unfertile: 110

And to top it off, the CNN Editors made sure the story was updated at 15:04 GMT and 23:04 HKT to fit the narrative.
15:04 = 1+5:0+4 = 64
23:04 = 2+3:0+4 = 54

Sperm: 64
Dr. David Cohen: 64
Sperm Count: 54

They just can’t help themselves.

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