Mask Dispute Shooting Hoax

Mask Dispute Shooting in Georgia Staged by the Freemasons

More propaganda to remind you of the non-existing pandemic, of Viruses (that has never been proven to exist or transmit disease), and of course, to remind you to throw away your humanity, health and rights and wear a mask or risk getting into arguments turn violent. And of course, those who are “anti-mask” are all violent killers… It’s very obvious that this whole story is staged, scripted, and completely fake. Let’s see what the numbers tells us.

“Georgia authorities identify a grocery store cashier killed after a face mask dispute…”, “DeKalb County police said Laquitta Willis, 41, was the victim in Monday’s shooting at Big Bear grocery store in Decatur, just outside of Atlanta.”

Big Bear: 44
Georgia: 44
Shooting: 44
Mask: 44
Kill: 44
Sheriff: 44

The whole story summed up and coded with ‘44’. Also, notice that the alleged victim is called “Laquitta Willis”, Laquitta as in “La quitta”, or “it left or departed” in French. That’s common Freemasonic mockery by inventing names that fits with the story. Also, they claim the victim was 41. The word “victim” is 41 in Reverse Full Reduction. How very clever.
And also…

Laquitta Willis: 59, 193, 94
Face Mask: 59
Slave Mask: 59
Muzzle: 59
Slave: 59
Fake Shooting: 59
Freemasonry: 59
DeKalb County police: 193
Roman Catholic Church: 193, 94
Coronavirus Pandemic: 94

See it now? The story, and the real truth behind it, is coded into that fake name “Laquitta Willis” – a fake shooting with the mockery of slaves and wearing masks, the Freemasons behind this story (with approval/tribute to the Catholic Church), and the County police.

This allegedly happened on a Monday.

Monday: 90
Face Mask Dispute: 90

And that resulted in what and where by whom?
Cashier Killed: 62
Georgia: 62
Police Force: 62
The Jesuits: 62

And this happened on June 14, 2021 = 6/14/21 = 6+14+21 = 41
Skull and Bones: 41

Skull and Bones, as in ‘Order 322’ or ‘Brotherhood of Death’, is one of the most influential Freemasonic lodges out of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut – with members such as the Presidential Bush family.

DeKalb: 37
Shooting: 37
Order 322: 37

The alleged shooter went by name “Victor Lee Tucker Jr.” Of course, you have the “Lee” in there, as ‘e’ can be written as a ‘3”, as in “L33” – another Freemasonic 33 – always playing with the faked names. And they had to put the “Jr” in there, or the Gematria would not work for this script. However, “Victor Lee Tucker” is 187 in English Ordinal, just as “Brotherhood of Death.” And there you have it, all three names for ‘Skull and Bones’ coded into this story.
Notice that the alleged shooter’s initials is “VLT” and they say that he was from Palmetto, Georgia.

Victor Lee Tucker Jr: 109
Shooting: 109
Killed: 109

VLT: 54
Face Mask Dispute: 54

Palmetto, Georgia: 74
Masonic: 74
Killing: 74
Gematria: 74

And finally, in these mocking rituals and stage events, the Jesuits and Freemasons just can’t help themselves, they have to put ‘race’ in there, as in their ‘race wars’ and ‘racism.’ Notice that there are only people of color in the photographs used in this story.

Big Bear: 44
Georgia: 44
Shooting: 44
Mask: 44
Black People: 44

Laquitta: 29
Black: 29

Willis: 42, 30
Nigger: 42, 30

Laquitta Willis: 59
Negro: 59
Blues: 59

DeKalb County police: 76
Negro: 76
Blues: 76

Palmetto: 102, 30
Handgun: 30
Nigger: 102, 30

Handgun: 69, 33, 120
Race War: 69, 33, 120

Cashier: 63, 45
Racism: 63, 45

Now you know why they went to the length they did to come up with the unusual name “Laquitta Willis” for the ‘cashier’ and why the alleged shooter who used a “handgun” was said to be from Palmetto. It’s all scripted and fabricated folks.

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