August 2, 2021. Another fast coming up!

The temperature has dropped quite a bit during the last couple of days. From about 27C (83F) to 16C (60F) and inside in my apartment from about 31C (88F) to 23C (73F), so I’m sleeping a bit better and have more energy. My previous fast last week was meant to be around 5 days, but ended after 3. So, I decided to do two in short succession.

I will begin my second fast today, after lunch. And I’ve been pretty strict carnivore since the last fast, keeping myself in ketosis most of the time and focusing on nutrient dense foods and fat. The goal is another 3 days, or preferable, 5 days. I’ve done 9 and 7 days in the past for strict healing purposes.

Photo is from yesterday, 3 days after my previous fast, where my weight was back up to about 78 kg (172 lbs.), only 1 kg more that when I ended my fast on July 28. Since then, I’ve done 3 weight-lifting sessions. And as usual during my fast, I will only walk my dogs three times a day for 2 to 3 hours total. No training at the gym, since the goal is to detox, give my body a ‘break’, and heal. No need to stress the body with heavy lifting while not eating.

My post about the previous fast last week is located here:

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