Vaccine maims and kills

Heart Inflammation in Young Adults and Children, Following the Covid-19 Vaccination

Vaccination side-effects reported in mainstream media? Yes, of course. They always play both sides – they control the opposition. It’s the best way to please those who are against the mass-murder experiment shot while being able to plant seeds of misinformation, keep the real and much higher numbers of maimed people hidden, and strengthen the stance of “whistleblowers” who are in fact, controlled opposition. I will do a very quick decode of this story using their language of Gematria to show you how ALL news stories regarding the scamdemic, the Covid-19, and the Vaccines are fabricated and contrived by the numbers.

The Headline reads as:
“Evidence grows stronger for covid vaccine link to heart issue, CDC says”
“The condition, called myocarditis, is usually mild, but a handful of patients remain hospitalized.”

The news broke on June 10, 2021, the 161st day of the year. This is very important as myocarditis equals 161 in Reverse Ordinal.
Myocarditis: 161
Vaccine Hesitancy: 161

Of course, this story is a pun on the “Vaccine Hesitancy” and “Anti-Vaxxer” movement, as some media outlets and Facebook calls us who can think for ourselves and care about the survival of humanity and human kind.

June 10 = 6/10 (remove the zero) = 6/1 = 61
Corona Covid: 61
Heart Inflammation: 61 (Chaldean)

June 10, 2021 = 6/10/2021 = 6+1+20+21 = 48
Vaccination: 48
Anti-Vaxxer: 48

Another jest at the opposition, coding ‘anti-vaxxer’ into the story.

June 10, 2021 = 6/10/21 = 6+1+21 = 28
Agenda 2030: 28
Covid: 28
Psy-Op: 28

As you can tell from above, this story is heavily coded into this specific date.

The story goes on and mentions:
“Overall, 226 cases of myocarditis or pericarditis after vaccination in people younger than age 30 have been confirmed… said Dr. Tom Shimabukuro”

This is interesting that they mention ‘pericarditis’ as it is ‘68’ in Full Reduction, a very important number in the Covid-19 scam and their Agenda 2030 – including ‘sterilizing’, which we know are one of the effects from the death jab.

Pericarditis: 131, 68, 193
Corona Pandemic: 131, 68
First Purge: 131
mRNA Vaccine: 68
Covid-19 Vaccination: 68 (Chaldean)
Vaccinating: 68
Covid Nineteen: 68
Sterilizing: 68
Jab: 68
Wuhan: 68
One Government: 68
Roman Catholic Church: 193
Solomon’s Temple: 193

Keep in mind that “Coronavirus” was coined in ’68. Also, Club of Rome was established in ’68.
Now, why was Dr. Tom Shimabukuro chosen for this story – if he even exists…

Tom Shimabukuro: 186, 84, 60
Vaccination: 186
Covid-19 Vaccination: 84
Jesuit: 84
The Catholic Church: 84
Anti-vaxxer: 60
Covid Vaccine: 60 (Jew Red)

Shimabukuro: 138, 48, 159, 69
Young Adults: 138, 159
Covid-19 Virus: 138
Vaccination: 48, 69
Anti-Vaxxer: 48
Quiet War: 48
Sterilization: 69
The Jesuit Order: 69
Catholic Church: 69
New World Order: 69
Fear Propaganda: 69

Dr. Tom Shimabukuro: 208, 73, 224, 98
Follow the Numbers: 208, 73, 224
Covid-19 Virus: 73 (Jew Red)
The First Purge: 73
Covid-19 Vaccine: 224
The Society of Jesus: 224
226 cases: 98
The Pandemic: 98
Eliminate Humanity: 98

Could you possibly come up with a more perfect and suitable name for telling this story? I think not. Almost the whole story coded just with his name. And ‘Dr. Tom Shimabukuro’ is a three out of four match for ‘Follow the Numbers’, a kind of Revelation of the Method and mocking by putting the method of finding the truth in our face. Wow, just wow.

And for ‘myocarditis’ we get just as many interesting connections, tying this story together.
Myocarditis: 136, 55, 71, 161
Covid Vaccine heart inflammation: 136
The Jesuits: 136
Deceive: 136
226 cases: 55 (Jew ord)
Silent Weapons: 55, 71
CDC: 71
Heart Inflammation: 71 (Jew red)
Catholic: 71
Corona Covid-19: 71
Covid Pandemic: 71
The Society of Jesus: 71
Vaccine Hesitancy: 71, 161

Covid Vaccine Myocarditis: 111, 246
Vaccination: 111
Catholic Church: 246

It all ties back together as a scripted story for the “Vaccine Hesitancy” and “Anti-Vaxxers”, just feeding them some fantasy numbers and bringing them into their fold of controlled opposition. All done by the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) of the Catholic Church.

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