Austin Mass Shooting

Mass Shooting Propaganda out of Austin, Texas, June 12

Almost all school shootings, mass shootings, terror attacks, and such are staged rituals by the Freemasons and/or the Jesuit Order. They do this as fear propaganda and to push for new laws, restrictions and surveillance.
As usual, I will use their language of Gematria – combining the letter, the word and the number – to decode this “story.”
The story broke on June 12, 2021 with the headline, “At least 13 people were injured in a shooting in downtown Austin, Authorities say”

Austin is a well-known Jesuit town. June 12 can be written as 12/6, like 126. The Templar motto equates to 701, the 126th prime number. The Templar cross is in the Jesuit Order’s logotype.

Austin: 84, 21, 78, 42
Jesuit: 84, 21, 78, 42

Austin is a hit with Jesuit on all English ciphers. Extremely few words are a total match.

Austin, Texas: 72, 144, 153
Jesuit Order: 72, 144, 153
144 is the 12th Fibonacci number, as in June 12, the 12th day of the month when this happened.

And “Austin, Texas” is a hit with “Jesuit Order” on three out of four ciphers. Incredible rare.

This happened on a Saturday. Most shootings happen on Saturdays or Wednesdays, as that is suited for their Gematria coding, as will be shown below.

Saturday: 109, 107, 28, 53
Shooting: 109, 107
The Roman Catholic Church: 109
Police Force: 107
Psy-Op: 28
Gun Violence: 53
Deceive: 53
Ordo ab Chao: 53

The phrase “Shootings always happen on Wednesdays and Saturdays” equals “653” in Reverse Ordinal. 653 is the 119th prime number.
Fraternal Order of Police: 119
All Seeing Eye: 119
Vatican: 119

FYI: “Wednesday” is a double match with “shooter”.

June 12, 2021 = 6/12/21 = 6+12+21 = 39
The current mayor of Austin is Steve Adler.
Steve Adler: 39

Steve Adler was born on March 23, 1956. This story comes 81 days after the mayor’s birthday.
Ritual: 81
The original story was first updated at “08:01” as in 81.

Steve Adler took office on January 6, 2015. This story comes 157 days after the annual anniversary of him taking office. 157 is the 37th prime number.
Shooting: 37
Order 322: 37
The Jesuits: 37

Story originally said “13 people injured”. Remember, “IHS” is the official seal of the Jesuit Order. Also, Austin’s chief of police is named “Joseph Chacon”.
Thirteen: 45, 117
Gun Reform: 45, 117
IHS: 45
Ritual: 45

Joseph Chacon: 117, 54
Gun Reform: 117, 54
Thirteen: 117
Shootings: 117
Jesuit Order: 54
Crisis Actors: 54
Terrorism: 54

Here we have a double match on “Gun Reform”, one of the agendas behind these scripted and staged shootings. We also have hits on “Crisis Actors” as they are always used in all of these events.

The update to this story on June 13 was made at “23:37” with the Freemasonic “33” in the middle – hardly by coincidence. It never is, it’s always planned.
(2+3) + (3+7) = 5+0 = 50 (only numbers 0-9, 10 becomes zero)
Gun Control: 50

After the June 13 update to this story, the headline now says, “One of 14 people hurt in Austin, Texas, mass shooting dies”.
That is a very awkward headline. Wonder why?
“One of 14 people”: 66
Mass Shooting: 66
Deceptive News: 66
False Shooting: 66
Fabricated: 66
Saturn Worship: 66
Thirty-Three: 66

That phrase “One of 14 people” is a direct match with “mass shooting”, which is also in the headline, it also hints at the truth behind the story, that it’s fabricated for a Jesuit Saturn Worship ritual – and it hints back at thirty-three (33).

“Hurt in Austin”: 150, 78
Saturn Worship: 150, 78
Deceptive News: 150
False Shooting: 150
Jesuit: 78

Allegedly, a “Douglas John Kantor” (DJK), 25, died at noon, Sunday.
Douglas John Kantor: 205, 70, 92
13 people injured: 205, 70
“mass shooting dies”: 70, 92
Gun Laws: 92

That awkward end of the headline, “mass shooting dies” is a two hit on “Douglas John Kantor.” Very rare. It also hints back on the original “13 people injured” and to gun laws.

25 years old: 43
“One of 14 people”: 43
“Noon Sunday”: 43

His age is also coded with the phrasing of the headline.

25 years old, they claimed.
Gun Laws: 25
DJK (his initials): 25
13 people: 25

And to show you how keywords and “key phrases” are coded throughout all their stories, here are a few examples:

“uptick in gun violence”: 103
“innocent bystanders”: 103, 77
“Chacon said”: 77

“HALO camera system”: 254, 92, 61
Douglas John Kantor: 254, 92
“video footage”: 61

This was obviously a staged drill/event, performed as a Jesuit ritual for Gun Reforms/Gun Laws/Gun Control agenda.

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