Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 out November 9, 2021. All by the numbers

The multi-billion gaming industry is full of Predictive Programming, occult symbolism, and Revelation of the Method. For example, in Tom Clancy’s Division 2, the world is struck by a virus (just as Covid-19) and several locations has graffiti telling us that “The Virus is a Hoax”, which we all know is true. And of course, the pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye pops up as well. And yes, most prevalent are the All-Seeing Eye of the Illuminati, the secret society that infiltrated and started Freemasonry. It’s seen in thousands of games, including Call of Duty, Zelda, Grand Theft Auto, and Assassin’s Creed. The big game houses are all owned by the cabal, as with every big tech company. They all operate the same and most of what they do is coded by Gematria and occult symbolism. One of the most popular racing game franchises are the Forza-series with Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon by Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games under the publisher Microsoft. Forza Horizon is their “Sand-Box Game” where you drive in a simulated “Open-World” and can participate in different events both as a solo player or online against others.

The first thing anyone should notice is the shameless release date by Microsoft of November 9, as in 11/9, or reversed as in all of the occult, 9/11.
11/9 can also be written as the number 119.
All-Seeing Eye: 119

November 9: 50
Arcade Racer: 50
Open-World: 50

November 9th: 59
Forza Horizon 5: 59

November 9 matches with the name of the series and to being an Open-World Arcade Racer, which it is.

That Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games releases their popular game trough Microsoft is no surprise.
Turn 10 Studios: 118, 46
Microsoft: 118, 46

Match on two out of four English ciphers. Quite a feat.
Forza Horizon 5 will take place in Mexico, as many predicted.

Mexico: 69, 30
Forza: 69
Horizon: 30

Mexico also has the freemasonic “33” in Full Reduction, while “Forza” is “66” in English Ordinal. 66 or 2×33. 66 is also short for 666.

The news of the release day, on Tuesday November 9, as well as pre-orders, broke on June 13, 2021.
June 13, 2021 = 6/13/2021 = 6+13+20+21 = 60
Racing Sim: 60

June 13, 2021 = 6/13/21 = 6+13+21 = 40
Open-World: 40
Tuesday: 40
Sand-Box Game: 40 (Chaldean)

June 13 = 6+13 = 19
Mexico: 19 (Septenary)
Car Game: 19 (Chaldean)

The date of the story matches the game genre, the location, and the day it will be released.

Why do they call it Horizon?
Horizon: 30, 51, 84, 105, and 22 (Septenary)
Car Game: 30
Forza: 30
Racing Game: 51
Open-World Racing: 84
Sand-box game: 105
Moriah Conquering Wind: 105
Racing: 22 (Septenary)

Forza Horizon Game: 73
Turn 10 Studios: 73

“Forza Horizon Five” is also “105”, a match with Moriah Conquering Wind. Moriah Conquering Wind is also known as The Illuminati or Satan’s Elite, and they refer to copycat artists. They can never be original – taking bits and parts from other sources claiming them as their own. Remember, developers copy each other all the time and “illuminati” is often referenced in games.

Here’s a video-montage of occult symbolism in Video Games, just a few of them…

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