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It’s been about two months or so since I last mentioned our uncensored community Since then I’ve started up my previous coaching and educational business again, now accepting clients on a queue-based system. If you need help with reducing body fat and/or transition into our natural species appropriate, species specific diet and learn the process, please take a look at my coaching page.

Although I’m back working a few additional hours everyday, I’ve still published 65 free articles in the 57 days that have passed in this year so far. So, if you enjoy my work, please consider donating, or even better, join our community Ungovernable, and be a part of the awakening — the only place on the internet where we expose both sides of the ongoing psy-ops, and where I take part in discussions and answer questions every single day. The information we have, and are adding to daily, is invaluable and unmatched on the internet — covering every aspect of life. Ungovernable is also the platform that pay the hosting bills and keep this website totally free and void of external advertisements.

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And speaking of our uncensored online community, below are a few gleanings from the past week and the most popular posts and topics.

  • Much more on the staged train derailment and fake toxic spill in East Palestine, Ohio.
  • More on puppet Trump and his visit to East Palestine, Ohio, and ‘Reviving’ Agenda 47.
  • More shenanigans from Controlled Opposition Del Bigtree, Dr Ryan Cole,, Dr Arne Burkhardt, and more.
  • The different faces of Joe Biden. Multiple masks and actors?
  • The doubles and actors playing the role of Zelenskyy.
  • Tips and strategies for detoxing after doing great harm to the body through vaccines and the like.
  • Discussion on shill and gatekeeper Max Igan.
  • Awesome report from the “rebel/anarchist” Anarchapulco Annual Gathering – aka. Baby Truther Theme Park.
  • Lab-Grown Meat is made From “immortalized” cancer cells.
  • More discussions on female to male surgery and Hollywood being full of FTM’s.
  • Everything you need to know about pig and pork in the carnivore lifestyle.
  • The faked and ridiculous study on Coke and Pepsi drinkers having bigger testicles.
  • Puppet and fraud Isaac Newton unmasked.
  • Discussion on semen retention, and if you don’t use it, you lose it.
  • Discussion and tips on weight gain.
  • Several prolonged fasting experiences from our members.
  • Full Circle Project with gatekeeper and shills Max Igan and Mikael Ananda Cromsjö.
  • Thoughts and discussion on Aajonus Vonderplanitz.
  • Chat Control – The End of the Privacy of Digital Correspondence.
  • Discussions on WW3, looming race wars, and more.

And, much, much more! Ungovernable is the best online community for intelligent, woke, and freethinking people to network, share and discuss any topic without censorship and bleating sheep posting what the tell-a-lie-vision told them. Join us today!

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