Fact Checkers are Awesome!

Do you hate those evil agenda-driven Gestapo-like Fact Checkers? Well, I find them pretty useful actually.
Considering that anything these ‘fact checkers’ write is complete bullshit and the total opposite to the truth, you can use that to your advantage!
When you come across a post that has been ‘fact checked’ and the Gestapo puts a ‘false information’-sticker on it, you can do the following:

1. If you’re not that familiar with the subject discussed in the flagged post, you now know that most of it is true and you should probably research it further if it interests you. Thank you, fact-checkers, for pointing this out for me. And by reading the fact-checked propaganda information, I now know what the lie is and what they want us to believe. Just go the opposite direction!

2. If your standpoint on the subject is aligned with the fact checkers, you now know that you have been fooled in to a false belief, and you need to research that subject again. A good place to start is with the information presented in the flagged post.

See? Fact-Checkers are awesome.

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