December 31, 2020. Quick update – and a Happy New year!

My weight training has been a bit ‘sporadic’ during December. Just before Christmas, I had my longest layoff this year, 6 days – but that time got put into my dogs instead; walking, playing, and training. However, since Christmas, I’ve got four training sessions done, and my body weight and fat percentage are about the same as four weeks ago. With that said, I’ve tried to gain some extra weight the last week. Why? Well, tonight on New Year’s Eve I will start the new year with fasting for 5 to 7 days. It’s been more than 3 months since my last fast, so it’s time to flush the system. Will you join me?

Our adopted Husky-girl is currently in a “every second awake is either play- or chewing time” phase. And she follows me everywhere. If she’s up, she will interrupt me every 10 minutes or so just to get attention and to play. Luckily, in the last couple of days it has slowed down a little. So, I’m gradually getting back to my routines. As for accepting clients, my time is very limited. Please keep in mind that I accept clients for the challenge and opportunity to explore and learn new things. When I develop programs, meal plans, and meal compositions, I put a lot of planning and work into it. One such program (28 to 32 pages) takes me 8 to 12 hours, so the hourly pay is very, very low. So, again, I do not take on clients for the money (otherwise only millionaires would afford me), I do it for the experience and the rewarding feeling of helping someone to be healthier and reach their goals.

In other words, if you’re interested, feel free to contact me – and be prepared to be placed in a queue. Those with ‘interesting’ and challenging health problems usually get picked first. If you want to lose fat weight, you don’t need me to hold your hand. Simply go animal-based (carnivore) for a few weeks and then do some fasting every week. And if you want to gain muscle, do the exact same thing but keep the fasting on the lower end and eat more! It’s that simple!

In the next weeks I will look at some new projects, collaborations and other business-related stuff that I had to put on hold during and after the adoption. And I’m also working on an easy handbook/guide to our species appropriate animal-based diet, on a book on fasting, and on the final version of “My Story”. Oh, yes, my website will be rebuilt and relaunched sometime soon. I have a new hosting solution in the works, only need some time to build and configure it all.

I will continue the good fight, exposing our fake reality. As for a Happy New Year, that is up to each and every one of us to make it so. Doing nothing is the same thing as giving your consent. Break the programming, stand up against the tyranny, fight for freedom and our rights, and fight for our children’s future. Thank you all and take care!

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