Students Reporting Their Friends Saves the Day! Hurray!

Another fake propaganda story. Can you read between the lines?
What is this really about?

*/Sarcasm Mode Engaged/*
Yes, surveillance, spying and tell on people and friends around you, more controlled social media and totalitarian measures. Slowly conditioning you for a social credit score system and owning absolutely nothing. But hey, look, it’s for the greater good, and you will be happy! These teenagers prevented a massacre. Just imagine what you could do as a good little puppy! Sure, it’s all fabricated lies, as all alleged school shootings are, but it’s for the greater good. We need to condition all the sheep. Don’t ask questions, just take your vaccines and meds, take the Mark of the Beast, i.e., the microchip implant. Only post about “fact-checked” approved government propaganda, or you will be banned from certain community services and locked out of your own funds. Let big brother track and watch over you 24/7. Do not worry that the chip will have a built-in death switch. It’s for your own safety, for the greater good. You might be persuaded by those extremists to pick up a gun, and then we can prevent another massacre by giving you a heart attack. Don’t you see? We care so much about all of you and your safety.
*/Sarcasm Mode Off/*

Seriously my friends, this will never end and Agenda 2030 will be here before you know it unless you start to wake others and stand your ground and say NO to all their offers.

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