”Superfoods” are Actually Highly Toxic Sh*t Foods

While checking a couple of websites this early morning, I just happened to see that an online publication and supplement company recently released an ‘updated’ formula of their “superfood.” Yes, these toxic ‘greens’ powders are still a thing. Gullible people within the Fitness industry make smoothies or put it in their protein shakes believing that they are healthy. Vegans drink them by the gallons in hope to nourish their malnourished, decaying, and dying bodies. …

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Nano-Man, New Must-See Video by Spacebusters

A good look at what we know and what have been confirmed. Although I do not agree with everything, it’s a good summary. Once Were the Living Part 2: a deep dive expose’ into radioactive lithium hydrogel nasal test swabs, injectable quantum dots, nano-routers, UPC bluetooth and the UN Agenda 21 Great Reset.

Loss of Smell

Causes of the Loss of Smell

I have received some questions about the causes for loss of smell over the span of some months, so instead of referring to a few short answers I’ve posted on social media, I’ll cover the reasons in this more detailed article. The loss of smell was early hijacked as one of the symptoms for the “flu”, that is, our body’s natural cleaning cycle in people that have a compromised self-cleaning system and accumulate a …

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Know Your Poison: Phytic Acid

In this part of covering all the toxic plant chemicals, we will look at phytic acid; one of the few antinutrients that at least some people actually know exists. While it fades in comparison with some other plant defense toxins, it’s still a very serious and dangerous one. As with all antinutrients, they are simply chemicals that bind to nutrients that the plant, or seed, need in order to grow. Phytic acid is no …

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Know Your Poison: Lectins

Plants, unlike animals, cannot run away from predators. To defend themselves from herbivores, insects, fungi and other threats, they produce toxic defense chemicals. One of them is known as lectins. Lectins are a plant defense mechanism that mainly protect the seeds, but can be found in other parts of the plant as well. As with anything living, the highest priority of the entity is reproduction. Therefore, seeds tend to have a higher concentration of …

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Supplements we use – Part 1: my top tier supplements

Supplements we use The most common and popular supplements when working with clients Part 1: my top tier supplements By Joachim Bartoll, June 2015, for Classic Muscle Newsletter, issue 10 (this article is outdated, but might still be beneficial) What is the first and most frequent question you get asked as a trainer, whether it’s from a new client, a guy or a gal at your expo booth, or someone walking up to you …

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