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Mental Health Destroyer: Going to Bed Late

Today we return to Medical News Today, one of many shill websites that are in bed with our charlatan governments and Big Pharma, and thus promotes the inverted and pseudo-scientific approach to healthcare, medical science and treatment we see in today’s backward society. Most of the time they are completely wrong, or they twist the truth to fit the narrative. This time however, the article actually has a correct message, as in the fact […]

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Partial Sleep Deprivation and its Effects on Health

Again, we return to T-Nation and one of their latest short and hidden ‘advertisement articles.’ They’ve really been pumping these out lately, with the basic principle of some little “problem” found in some study and then a backwards solution that leads the uninformed reader to buy their supplements. While the latter is complete bollocks, some of the research data can be of interest, at least if interpreted correctly, and that is where yours truly

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If You’re Cranky, It’s Your Own Fault

The pharmaceutical pseudoscience shill site ‘healthline’ recently posted an article with what they call the “science” of being ‘cranky,’ as in the reasons for feeling irritable and annoyed. Science you say? Well, the first rule of “science” is to question everything, especially what is believed by indoctrinated dimwits to be “established science,” so this could be fun. Let’s get on with it. In their article, ‘healthline’ presents five explanations for being stuck in a

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Article Review: Sleep, Caffeine, and Naps

This article recently caught my eye as sleep is an important subject, and not that often talked about. When writing programs/guides for my clients, I set a side about two pages covering the importance of sleep and how to get your best night’s sleep by following your circadian rhythm, preparing a few hours in advance, and setting up your bedroom for actually sleeping. As for the article in question, it was written by Co-founder

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Know Your Poison: Deuterium

So far, we’ve dealt with two of more than a dozen antinutrients and defense chemicals found in plant ‘foods’ that we will cover in this article series. Next on the list is deuterium, a compound that most dieticians, nutritionists, doctors and clueless trainers don’t even know exists. Hydrogen comes in two “shapes”: we have regular hydrogen, which is actually called protium, and then we have deuterium. Deuterium has the same properties as hydrogen, except

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