Cyclic Dextrin is Toxic Crap

The supplement-shills over at the “fitness website” T Nation continues with their disguised advertisement articles based on flawed science and backwards thinking. This time it is (once again,) their CCO Chris Shugart, who obviously knows absolutely nothing about human physiology, pushing Cyclic Dextrin also referred to as Highly Branched Cluster Dextrin (HBCD,) a type of high-molecular-weight maltodextrin. Now, HBCD is nothing new, it’s been around for a long time. It’s simply a dextrin, produced […]

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Any Amount of Sugar (Carbs) is Too Much!

A few days back, we discussed some of the controlled opposition and shill health sites over at our uncensored community forum It started with “Dr. Mercola” and then I added “Dr. Axe” to the mix – and that’s where we’re going today, as Dr. Axe and his crew posted an article about sugar, simply titled, “How Much Sugar Per Day Is Too Much?” Well, that’s easy to answer as all types of carbohydrates

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A Few Words on Bloating and Digestion Problems — Updated

If you search the internet, you’ll be fed a bunch of nonsense regarding bloating and some alleged “quick fixes” to relieve it. Well, as with all remedies or drugs, it’s only a temporary relief at best, as you shut down your body’s attempt to heal and repair whatever damage you have done. When there is a problem and you experience symptoms from something you have done and your body is now trying to fix,

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