Britain’s Petrol Crisis All Fabricated and Scripted by the Media – Number ’56’ Strikes Again

This is a follow-up on my previous post from yesterday morning.
Do not get played like a fiddle. Remember the Toilet Paper Crisis of early 2020, all fabricated by the media to mock you and simultaneously see how much they could manipulate the masses. And most of the unintelligent people fell for it, buying all the toilet paper they could.

This is what they want with this staged petrol crisis. If people believe there is a crisis, they will stock up on fuel, making the ‘crisis’ actually happen.
That is what today’s “news reports” are all about. “It’s back to WFH”, i.e. working from home…

And, in line with the ‘hoax code’ of 2020, this story, just as the fake pandemic and the fake climate crisis, are all coded with ‘56’.

And in the end, they always have to tell the truth by some means… Manufactured crisis, just as I said yesterday morning.

As Grant urges you to ‘be sensible”.

And thank you Omar, for finding this article and always doing a tremendous job decoding the fabricated news!
My post on Facebook with really good comments from Omar:
Omar’s post on Facebook:

Update! Hugo Talk’s posted a good video about this:

Update from September 30:


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